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Global Artists Spotlight: Johnny Ashby, Pearl, Abi Jenaé And More

Hear the latest by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Johnny Ashby, Pearl, Abi Jenaé and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Pat Stevenson (Pearl)

Johnny Ashby – Time Of Our Lives

British-bred singer-songwriter Johnny Ashby’s new 12-track debut album Time Of Our Lives is soaked in sincerity and authenticity, and the result is a calm and meticulously produced collection of pop-indie songs. The record is packed with warm strings, rhythmic strums, punchy drums and Ashby’s rich vocals which dance alongside gorgeous backing harmonies. In a statement, the artist said, “This album has been a long time in the making! Being my first full-length record, this feels like such a big part of me, and, artistically, it shows a big part of who I am. I really wanted to break that barrier between myself and the listener and be as honest as I could be with these songs. It’s a little peek into what I’ve been feeling and who I am as an artist.”

Pearl – “Honeymoon Suite”

Sydney alt-pop artist Pearls’ new track is the glittery “Honeymoon Suite.” The track showcases the singer’s playful side as she explores the harsh realities of a relationship going sour over sassy vocals and warm soundscapes. She said in a statement, “’Honeymoon Suite’ is a song about the romance dying in a relationship. Once you take those rose-colored glasses off you realize you’ve invested in a human that didn’t deserve you and all you want is your money back.”

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Abi Jenaé – “Owo”

There’s an unmistakable sense of vibrancy in Afropop artist Abi Jenaé aka Abisola Lufadeju’s new single “Owo.” Part of her upcoming EP, Jenaé echoes the oft-heard conundrum of “More money, more problems,” etching out a sonic style she refers to as “Grimey hip-hop.” 

Anand Wilder – “I Don’t Want Our Love To Become Routine”

Known for his work with Brooklyn rock band Yeasayer, singer-songwriter Anand Wilder scaled psychedelic highs with his previous single “Delirium Passes,” but there’s a tender, seemingly country-informed folk sound on his latest single “I Don’t Want Our Love To Become Routine.” His debut full-length album I Don’t Know My Words will be out in 2022 via the label Last Gang.

Kissin’ Dynamite – “Good Life”

German rock band Kissin’ Dynamite stick to their stadium-level grandiosity on their upcoming album Not The End of the Road and we got a taste of that in their latest single “Good Life.” The anthemic, feel-good song brings in vocalists including Alea der Bescheidene (from metal group Saltatio Mortis), Charlotte Wessels and Guernica Mancini (from rock band Thundermother) to exercise their distinctive croons.


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