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Global Artists Spotlight: Kate Cosentino, Rory D’Lasnow, Caleb Hearn And More

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Nashville-based indie-pop artist Kate Cosentino. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Kate CosentinoNote to Self

Nashville-based indie-pop artist Kate Cosentino’s witty songwriting, catchy melodies and mellifluous vocals as well as her funk-kissed folk pop is evident on her recently released new four-track EP, Note to Self. In a press statement, the artist said, “At its core, Note to Self is a vibrant indie-pop manifestation of a modern-day coming-of-age story that embraces the ups and downs of figuring out how to truly spread your wings and soar.” The EP covers a number of topics that include one’s body image, imposter syndrome and fearing commitment.

Rory D’Lasnow – “Power of My Love”

U.S. singer-songwriter Rory D’Lasnow recently dropped a music video for the anthemic song “Power of My Love” off his 2021 five-track EP Songs From An Empty Room. While the EP was inspired by the loss of D’Lasnow’s parents, on “Power of My Love” he tugs at heartstrings and sings the track as an ode to his late father. In the clip, the singer-songwriter recites a powerful and emotional speech as a tribute to his dad before scenes of him performing the song in an open field are splashed across the screen. Sonically, the track holds its own as an alternative-rock banger.

Hippies and Cowboys – “Baby Won’t You Stop”

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Nashville’s Hippies and Cowboys bring out the flavor of southern rock and soul with their latest groovy single “Baby Won’t You Stop.” The track includes upbeat drums, silky organ and horn parts, funky guitars, raspy vocals and more as the band sing of a love scorned by infidelity.

Caleb Hearn – “Where Do We Go From Here?”

American singer-songwriter Caleb Hearn, best known for singles like “Damage” and “Best Part of Me,” continues his strong run as an emotive artist with his latest single, “Where Do We Go From Here?” With sweeping arrangements and deeply personal lyrics about lost love, Hearn hits a home run yet again. He says in a statement, “[This is] easily one of the most personal songs I have ever written. It is inspired by a young couple that I knew [while] growing up. I saw how strong and pure their love was for each other. Tragically, the wife passed away from cancer, leaving the husband and their two kids behind. Their story hit me in a way that I can’t fully describe.”

Kapil Seshasayee, Daranti Group – “Rupture of the Wheel”

Indian-origin Scottish artist Kapil Seshasayee offers a new glimpse of his upcoming album with the hyperpop-meets-trap-and-avant-rock style he’s known for, on “Rupture of the Wheel.” Featuring Pakistani MC Polymath from Daranti Group who serves up a quick verse, the song and music video act as socio-political commentary on the influence of Bollywood in India. Seshasayee describes his upcoming concept album as “a sonic essay on the exclusivity of nationalist movements.” He adds, “It tells the story of a wheelchair-bound patron at a cinema in India who was assaulted in 2016 for ‘not standing for the national anthem,’ which was typically played before Bollywood films to drum up nationalist rhetoric.” 

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ESQ – “Cement Shoes” 

Los Angeles-based, Michigan-bred artist Larry Sager previews his band ESQ’s new EP At Night with the playful rock ‘n’ roll song, “Cement Shoes.” It’s got all the charm of a frustrated other half who’s plotting to subject his partner to a classic mafia move. Recorded at Zoetrope Studios in San Francisco, “Cement Shoes” features Sager on guitar and vocals, drummer Marshall Mandell, bassist Ron Harris and keyboardist Mark Will, among others.