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Global Artists Spotlight: Keyana, Spitty, Natalie Claro And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Anurag Tagat Oct 14, 2021

Natalie Claro, KEYANA and Sunfall (clockwise from top left). Photos: Lauren Nieves (Claro), Lenne Chai (KEYANA), Courtesy of the artist (Sunfall)

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evRywhr – “Tie Dye”

Michigan-born producer and singer-songwriter evRywhr aka Michael Jefferson’s newest single “Tie Dye” focuses on the message of self-love and positivity when everyone probably needs it. The swirling, glimmering song keeps things in the hip-hop space but also leads with an impressive percussive element. The Grammy-winning artist (for working on gospel rapper Lecrae’s 2013 album Gravity) says in his statement, “’Tie Dye’ was inspired by self-love. We all get to fall in love with our own unique journey in this lifetime. We are beautiful, we are colorful, we are different; each day learning to better embrace our hues & stand strong in our individuality. We are Tie Dye”

Ferdous – “Trust/Verify”

Born in the Netherlands to Afghanistan-origin parents, Ferdous leans into a phrase popularized by U.S. president Ronald Reagan and turns into a personal song of sorts on “Trust/Verify.” The R&B meets electronic track is chill but bears plenty of Ferdous’ complex emotions.

Max Clouth – “Lucifer Drowning In a Sea of Light” ft Sophie-Justine Herr, Kabuki

Frankfurt-based artist Max Clouth released an intriguing acoustic-electronic, audio-visual collaboration in March this year called “Lucifer Drowning In A Sea of Light.” While it’s no doubt informed by the German composer’s training in Indian music, there’s also cellist Sophie-Justine Herr and drum and bass producer Kabuki. Clouth describes the piece as “an inner journey” and “a spiritual expedition.” He adds in a statement, “It’s an inventory of who I am right now.”

KEYANA – “Afterglow”

18-year-old singer-songwriter KEYANA, born to Ghanaian and Singaporean-Chinese parents, seeks (and finds) much-desired clarity about becoming an ideal version of herself on her latest single “Afterglow.” Populated by slick hip-hop and R&B production, KEYANA leads with a powerful croon. “In this conversation, I express my fear of disappointment due to my past, flaws and fear of failure,” she says in a statement.

grentperez – “My Heart It Beats For You”

Sydney-based Filipino-origin singer-songwriter grentperez previously offered his calming presence with the acoustic guitar-driven track called “Cherry Wine.” Now, there’s more charm that’s glowing in the artist’s newest single “My Heart It Beats For You.” Accompanied by a lyric video which shows grentperez driving around with his dog and bumping up tunes in his car, the song was inspired by artists like Lionel Richie and Norah Jones. “This song in particular has a special place in my heart. Melodically it feels very warm and stable, very subtly swaying you around like a gentle rock of a boat, while the lyrics somewhat fade from image to image like you’re recollecting memories and feelings that never happened,” grentperez says in his statement.

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Jasmine Thakral – “Turning 23”

Indian-origin British singer-songwriter Jasmine Thakral introduced her music to the world (officially) as recently as August, with the song “Running In a Haze.” Now, her second single is a timely, “ironically happy” and quirky pop song called “Turning 23,” coinciding with her 23rd birthday. Drawing from electronic, rock and pop elements informed by artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Still Woozy, Thakral says she wrote the song as a way to comfort others in the same boat as her. “The track was also inspired by the fact that when you turn 23 there are a lot of expectations to have your life sorted and know exactly what you’re doing. I wanted anyone listening to the song who feels uncertain in their life to know that I felt exactly the same way when I wrote this song,” she says in a statement.

Sunfall – “Industrial”

Based out of the U.K. and Australia, metallers Sunfall occupy a space in the growing “nu-core” space of heavy music, seemingly borrowing drop-tuned, string-bending beatdowns from djent and metalcore but also the anguish and rawness of nu-metal bands like Korn. Their latest single “Industrial” moves fast and bludgeons just like a good, slamming song should. Guitarist Oliver Welzen-James adds in a statement, “The audio is also accompanied with a video that captures the dark underworld reality that the lyrics portray. A world ravaged by greed, lack of intelligent direction and blind devotion.”

Spitty – Full Circle

Yesteryear Bollywood song samples and banging hip-hop come to the front on Indian-origin Brampton-origin rapper Spitty aka Lankesh Patel’s new album Full Circle. Across 12 tracks, Spitty is throwing a tumultuous party with his friends (“No Time to Waste”) but also seizing the day (“24”) and crafting rousing old-school informed anthems like “Revolution” with Lush Lightyear. It’s glitzy and occasionally bears references to his Indian upbringing, which makes Full Circle a powerful statement from a resolute rapper.

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Natalie Claro – “When The Alcohol Tastes Like Juice”

Nashville’s singer-songwriter Natalie Claro moves from TikTok fame (for her cover of “Telephone” by Lady Gaga) to a coming-of-age R&B and pop-inflected song called “When The Alcohol Tastes Like Juice.” The self-produced song lingers with a beat until it explodes into regal, scorching rock, driven by a wiry guitar lead. “I want to use this song to remind young people not to lose themselves in the process of making themselves. Finding joy is being grateful for the journey,” Claro says in a statement.

Anna Lunoe – Back Seat (feat. Genesis Owusu)

There’s something futuristic yet nostalgic about “Back Seat,” the swerving, dancefloor-friendly collaboration between Sydney-bred DJ-producer and vocalist Anna Lunoe and Ghanian-Aussie artist Genesis Owusu. Combining funk, acid house and more, there’s a hypnotic beat for Owusu to weave his dark yet rich verses over. Lunoe says it took about two years for the song to feel completed and ready for release. “I worked on parts of it with a few good friends and learned endless amounts while making it… it unlocked a whole new layer in my production capabilities and everything I’ve made has been easier and better since,” she adds in a statement.

Bianca Love – “Time” ft Maurice Brown

India/New Orleans-bred, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Bianca Love calls on a dexterous ensemble of instrumentalists to aid her new song “Time,” which has all the makings of a bittersweet jazz song. She’s joined by trumpeter Maurice Brown (also producing the track, following credits with Anderson .Paak and Tedeschi Trucks Band), plus New York-based musicians like bassist Ben Williams, pianist Takahiro Izumikawa and drummer Joe Blaxx Grissett.

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