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Global Artists Spotlight: Kris Angelis, Nightshifts, Talia Jackson And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Kris Angelis, Nightshifts, Talia Jackson and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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Brother Valiant – “Wander”

New Jersey-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Alex Amsterdam aka Brother Valiant presents us with an uplifting new single titled “Wander.” According to the artist, the track is a powerful message about the “misadventures that emotional extremes take you on.” The musician brings in acoustic instrumentation with his mellifluous vocals as well as strong horn sections to craft quite a captivating offering.  

Essy – Cry For Me

Nashville-based producer and singer-songwriter Essy’s recently released six-track EP Cry For Me is filled with pop elements while there’s a bit of alternative music that also shines through. However, Essy’s glitzy voice across the record is what stands out the most. Lyrically, the musicians covers themes that include confidence, inner-strength, sexuality, and self-discovery..

Myles Lloyd – “Running on You”

Canadian artist Myles Lloyd’s flirts with polished guitar riffs, ambient synths as well as R&B tones on his newest song “Running on You.” The Montreal-based artist narrates the feeling of being exposed in a situation that you’re not comfortable with. Lloyd has also dropped a slick video to go with the tune.

Nightshifts – “Tunnel Vision”

Toronto-based musician Andrew Oliver aka Nightshifts crafts a groovy new song called “Tunnel Vision” that’s filled with flavorful guitars and synths as well as drum machines and a cosmic pop vibe. On the music he makes, Oliver says, “I very often get caught up thinking about past situations and looking towards future ones. I write a lot about this imbalance. And ironically, the times I feel most in the moment is when I’m working on music.”

Ebony Buckle – “Selkie”

Australia-bred vocalist Ebony Buckle showcases her captivating vocal prowess on her latest release “Selkie.” The poignant song includes beautiful piano parts as Buckle glides through effortlessly with her angelic voice. “I grew up playing by and in the sea in Australia, the opposite side of the world from where the Selkie stories originated, but I’ve always felt connected to them through my love for the sea. It’s a very deep love, like it’s been passed down to me from previous generations,” says the musician.

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Talia Jackson – “YOU”

American actress and singer-songwriter Talia Jackson (best known for her work on Netflix’s Family Reunion) recently dropped her R&B laced fusion track titled “YOU.” Jackson sings about heartbreak and the rollercoaster of emotions one goes through during a “hot and cold” relationship.

Ryan Montbleau – Fire

American singer-songwriter Ryan Montbleu is now out with a second EP from his series of records entitled Fire. The musician’s Americana-dipped folk rock sound shines across the EP as his charming voice carries the songs.

Alexa Villa – “Invisible – Dan Heath Orchestral Reprise”

Los Angeles rocker Alexa Villa crafts a brilliant new version to her 2020 heavy acoustic song titled “Invisible” enlisting the help of producer Dan Heath to craft a cinematic offering. Villa details her personal experiences in a relationship and sings, “Your apathy is annoying me, you’re practically invisible to me.” The song includes fierce vocals and a Nineties rock vibe.

Kris Angelis – The Skies We Look To

American artist Kris Angelis’ new six-track EP The Skies We Look To is a makes joyful departures from her usual sound with melancholic, uplifting and poignant moments accompanied by her masterful storytelling.

Loud Forest – “Costa Rica (Remix)”

American husband-wife duo Loud Forest comprising Bernard and Rachel Chadwick have put out a new remix to their 2020 track “Cost Rica.” The duo’s pop sensibilities cut through the song while electro soundscapes, alt-rock vocals and vibrant melodies are added. The lyrics describe the pair’s love story while the tropical sonic elements are a nod to when they first met in the jungle.

mjanja – “Reflection”

Coming across as a historied individual, American electronic music producer and DJ mjanja (real name David Gilmore) was rasied in Nashville, served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Tanzania and then turned to realizing his true passion in making music. Following a study stint at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, mjanja has launched a handful of singles this year, with his most recent collaboration with New Delhi-bred visual artist OQLRR aka Sparsh Narang, on the swirling, chasmic listen that is “Reflection.”

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Joris Daniel – “Give It All”

Los Angeles-based Dutch producer Joris Daniel touches new heights with his latest single “Give It All.” Gathering the perfect balance between an audio and visual presentation, cascading synth melodies meet fluid basslines, alongside a thrilling, trippy 360-degree VR music video made by Daniel and Matt Collaco. “The track has a very forward motion to it, and I wanted to reflect that in the video. We’re traveling through different dimensions as the track changes vibes,” the producer adds.

Reyna – “Quarantine Baby”

Milwaukee-based sister duo Reyna’s Vic and Gab Banuelos draw from their pandemic experience on the easygoing new song “Quarantine Baby,” produced by Colombian duo Salt Cathedral. Offered alongside a DIY, lo-fi music video that invokes early 2000s nostalgia, Vic adds about the track, “When I listen to this song it makes me smile because we’ve all found a way to get through it. We have found ways to stay connected, to find love, or to get through heartbreak during a pandemic.”

Monogem – “Sólo Amor”

Born of Guadalajaran heritage, Jen Hirsh aka Monogem sings evocatively in Spanish and English on her latest single “Sólo Amor,” a slow-burn synth-pop track written on a visit to Joshua Tree with producers The Slackademics. Part of the seasoned artist’s upcoming album, Monogem says about the new song, “The message is simple: nothing else matters but love. Love for ourselves, love for one another and love for the world around us.”

Underdark – “Coyotes”

Nottingham black metallers Underdark arrive with a searing anti-fascist message on “Coyotes,” a visceral, harrowing new cut from their upcoming album Our Bodies Burned Bright On Re-entry, which releases on July 30th. Vocalist Abi Vasquez, who joined the band in 2019, says about the track, “It’s one of the first songs I wrote in Underdark and it’s about the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the Mexico/US border.”

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