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Global Artists Spotlight: Leah Kate, Vindata, Maggie Andrew And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Leah Kate, Vindata, Maggie Andrew and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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Leah Kate – “Calabasas”

U.S.-based pop artist Leah Kate has followed up her previous 2021 singles “Boyfriend” and “Boy Next Door” with a crushing new alt-pop offering titled “Calabasas.” The new song showcases Kate’s alternative side with its punk-esque chorus while she stays within the pop realm during the verses. The use of distorted guitars along with pulsating drums as Kate sings, “What the fuck happened last night in Calabasas?” makes this quite the earworm.  

Maggie Andrew – “Survival Mode”

Los Angeles-based pop artist Maggie Andrew recently dropped the final piece to her three-part trilogy in the shape of the soothing “Survival Mode.” The track includes poignant piano parts while Andrew’s powerful vocals stand out across the song. The artist says, “’Survival Mode’ is the final moment in the trilogy, where I am truly alone, in the presence of nobody else but myself. I’ve been in a constant state of survival for as long as I can remember. Being alone drowning in my own self-deprecating thoughts and traumatic experiences.”

Vindata – With Opened Eyes

American hip-hop and R&B duo Vindata comprising artists Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress are recently out with a brand-new 12-track full-length album titled With Opened Eyes. The record features slick beats and intricate production as the pair offer groovy tunes, electronica elements as well as dance numbers. In a statement, the duo said, “The creation of this entire album has been a long process. It really challenged us in new ways. But it was rewarding at the same time because it personified who we truly are as artists and as individuals.”

Charli – “BOYS”

Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist Charli is out with a new vibrant dance offering called “BOYS.” Built over a groovy synth line, according to the artist, the song is “an ode to every man because they are truly beautiful, and we often forget to tell them that we love them. Most of the time, we are saying this to women, and I think it’s important to not forget the men too.”


U.S.-based musicians; guitarist Wes Geer (previously of KORN), drummer Scott Underwood (formerly of Train) D.I bassist Clinton Calton and vocalist Matthew Bartosch have come together to form a brand-new outfit HU3M3N. The band recently released their debut single, the ethereal “ARTIFICIAL.” According to the group, the song represents the personal illusions people put forth into the world while being their inauthentic selves.

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Glass Dove – “On My Own”

Nashville-based artist Glass Dove presents us with a funk-fueled Eighties synth flavor indie rock offering titled “On My Own.” The track features a tight drum pattern while lofty backing vocals and Glass Dove’s crisp singing add to the excitement of the groovy song. In a statement, the artist explained that the single is about one man’s voyage through life, heartbreak, misunderstanding, struggles, and ultimately pride in living a full life on “his own.”

Sunshine Boysclub – “Patience”

Los Angeles artist Sam Martin aka Sunshine Boysclub delivers an upbeat new track entitled “Patience.” The song includes Martin’s slick vocal delivery as well as a catchy chorus amidst glossy production. “‘Patience’ serves as a reminder of where I’ve been. I wrote ‘Patience’ from a positive and healthy vantage point, reflecting back on my journey with depression,” says the artist.


New Hampshire-based singer-songwriter and producer ELUNIA’s new five-track EP DEEP END is a refreshing and fluid dive into the artist’s emotions of life as an outsider. The record includes electronic elements juxtaposed with ELUNIA’s quaint vocals. Talking about the EP, the musician says, “The listener follows my path to finding a feeling of purpose, from the growing pains of bullying and exclusion to discovering people and experiences where I felt wholly accepted, and for the first time, at peace, with my own identity.”

Nana M. Rose – Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds

Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter Nana M. Rose’s stunning new five-track EP Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds is a beautiful listen with its poignant lyrics, majestic vocals as well as its sonic pop touch. In a statement, Rose says, “While writing this EP I went through my own journey of self-reinvention, and this search contained a lot of contrasting feelings that confused me.”

WIESE – “Hear Me”

Norwegian house-pop DJ Wiese-Haugland aka WIESE shares a deep house pop track called “Hear Me.” The song is filled with heavy synths and an energized feeling throughout that will make you want to break into dance. “The song is telling a story about what lockdown has done to us as human beings, our ability to be close to each other and our need to explore things the way we used to. After a year in lockdown and finally starting to see things opening up again, the vibe I felt was uplifting, energetic and happy,” says the artist.

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Weathers – “Karma”

Los Angeles alt-rock band Weathers have released their latest single off their upcoming album Pillows & Therapy and they’re as vindictive as they can get. Over spirited, vibrant rock, they offer lyrics like “So if you’re gonna sink or swim, then drown” and an attitude that can sit just right for angst.

Palmaria – “Lluvia”

London-based Italian duo Palmaria’s vocalist Giulia Magnani and songwriter Francesco Drovandi offer a meditative bop with their lush new song “Lluvia,” anchored in a foot-tapping rhythm and subtle guitar work. The duo, who have been releasing music since 2017, have centered their latest song around the idea of rebirth. “More than ever, we need to rely on ourselves to use our vulnerability to create something valuable, pick up the pieces and start over. When we stop putting pressure on ourselves and we focus on what’s really important, we can reverse the rain and find renewed energy to move forward,” the duo say in a statement.

KEANA – “Lilac”

Los Angeles electronic-pop producer-singer KEANA is proof that the dreams we have can be strange yet wondrous once we capture their essence. On her latest single “Lilac,” the artist refers to a “white phantom” and “lilac island,” with the music video featuring striking choreography that goes over smooth, late-night pop. KEANA says about the track, “It speaks about wanting to be transported to another world where life stresses and fear do not exist.”

Boon – “Can’t Be Love”

18-year-old Nashville-born producer-singer and guitarist Boon hits upon an arresting blend of glitchy, distorted hip-hop beats, guitars and warped synths on his new single “Can’t Be Love.” The song’s production twists and turns darkly, even as Boon lays down a hook about heartbreak and denial that’s so affable you nearly forget it’s about toxic love.

King Woman – “Boghz”

American singer-songwriter Kris Esfandiari leads doom metal band King Woman in a whirlwind, near-psychedelic sonic experience on their latest single “Boghz.” Taken off their upcoming second album Celestial Blues, the song dangerously teeters in its rhythmic intensity, with eerie elements throughout.   

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