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Global Artists Spotlight: Lisa Danaë, Wes Chiller, Natalie Claro And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Sep 27, 2021

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Lisa Danaë, Wes Chiller, Natalie Claro and more. Photos: )From left) Sam Scarce; William Wallace; Lauren Nieves

Lisa Danaë – “Focus On Me”

California-based Filipina-American artist Lisa Danaë newest single is the electro-pop extravaganza “Focus On Me.” The new song comes with prolific production, catchy vocals and more. Danaë sings, “Everything is so crazy,” but also reminds us to take a beat and regain control through the song.

Natalie Claro – “When Alcohol Tastes Like Juice”

Nashville-based alternative singer-songwriter Natalie Claro’s latest offering is the moody track “When Alcohol Tastes Like Juice” which is a coming-of-age metaphor on the notion that when a cocktail is so sugary, you can hardly taste the alcohol. The track builds splendidly to include distorted guitars and heavy drums while Claro’s smooth vocals hit all the right notes. In a statement, she said, “I want to use this song to remind young people not to lose themselves in the process of making themselves. Finding joy is being grateful for the journey.”

Natalie Carr – “Scraped Knees”

North Carolina’s Natalie Carr new track is the hypnotic pop song “Scrapped Knees.” The synth leaning song juxtaposed with electro elements and Carr’s dreamlike vocals makes the track quite the earworm.

The Haunts – “Stockton”

Los Angeles indie rock trio The Haunts kick off their latest single “Stockton” with the lyrics: “Abra kadabra/ I’m a cadaver/ Up until sunrise/ Dead shortly after.” Invoking the city of Stockton, which was their last stop on a tour, drummer Alanna Swadlow says in a statement, “When I think of this song, I think of me with two of my best friends on the road, exhausted, backs hurting, fighting, laughing and crying, then the best show. It’s like a coming-of-age story for musicians.”

Triptides – “So Many Days”

Also an L.A. indie trio, Triptides tap into a heartwarming sense of being on their latest song “So Many Days.” Offered with subtly heard guitar wails and jangly rhythms, the song is the title track off their upcoming album, which will release later this year. Singer-guitarist Glenn Brigman says in a statement, “’So Many Days’ was written during a period where there was nowhere to go and no one to see. A period that coincided with a lot of questions and soul searching.”

The Atlantic – “I’m Not Your Indian”

San Diego’s artist The Atlantic aka Lance Richards digs into dusty rock ‘n roll as well as lyrics about his Native American heritage (with an assist from U.K. lyricist Tom Newman) on his pointed new release “I’m Not Your Indian.” It’s the title track from a semi-autobiographical album dedicated to his grandmother and draws from family stories.

Shadient – Crash (feat. fknsyd & Catnapp)/Roadworks


London-based producer Shadient chops up stomping bass music with tumultuous rhythms on “Crash” but he juxtaposes it with the light and buoyant synth-infused song “Roadworks.” The double-sided single follows ragers such as “Ego Insaniac” and “Dancing Alone Again.” He’s so far received support from leading producers such as Porter Robinson, Madeon and more.

Wes Chiller – “Humminbird”

Southern California-based singer-songwriter Wes Chiller instills a sense of summery paradise with his tranquil new song “Humminbird,” released on September 24th. While the song specifically uses the metaphor of a hummingbird and nature, Chiller says in a statement about the song, “’Humminbird’ is a song about family. It’s a song about tradition and appreciation for the small things.” 


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