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Global Artists Spotlight: Michy Tree, Milky Chance, shef’s kiss And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Michy Tree, Milky Chance, shef's kiss and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Anthony Molina (Milky Chance)

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Michy Tree – “The Wire”

U.K.-based indie alternative artist Michy Tree’s new offering, “The Wire,” is a gritty tune filled with distorted electric guitar parts, the artist’s staunch lyricism and steely vocal delivery. In a statement, she says, “’The Wire’ is about how social media tells us to be, looks and present ourselves, giving us all these expectations that are so unrealistic.” The artist adds, “Instead of believing all the lies we should just enjoy who we are and be ourselves not caring what people think.”

Mrozu – “Złoto”

Polish producer-composer Mrozu’s latest track is the groovy “Zloto.” The artist combines silky melodies over a bed of guitar and drums to create a vibrant and catchy tune. In a statement, the artist said, “The song is the effect of the first night of being in the wilderness, which released an incredible joy of playing and forgetting about the difficult situation that affected us, musicians, at the moment.”

shef’s kiss – “expectations”

U.S.-based pop artist shef’s kiss recently released a brand-new bop entitled “expectations.” Filled with dancey elements, infectious melodies and more, the artist explains that the fresh track focuses on the mixed feelings of anger and desperation after a breakup.

Shenna – “They Call It Lazy”

Sharing a glimpse of her forthcoming full-length album, U.S.-based pop artist Shenna presents a new single in the shape of the hypnotic “They Call It Lazy.” The track features futuristic soundscapes and a laidback approach as Shenna sings effortlessly. In a statement, the artist said, “With influencers, musicians, and creatives all on social media platforms, I sometimes feel so out of touch with reality. I titled the song ‘They Call It Lazy’ because I love turning my phone off and tuning out the chaos of social media.” Shenna has also released a music video to go with the track.

Milky Chance – “Colorado”

German electronic duo Milky Chance are out with a funky new song called “Colorado.” The track features the pair’s tropical beats juxtaposed with playful rhythms, punk-riddled instrumentals and more. According to the pair, the song is about turning lows into highs. “When you’re feeling down, there is always one thing you can count on and that is getting high with your friends. Life gets overwhelming, and sometimes you have to push away your sorrow and get back to it tomorrow,” they said in a statement.

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Mark Logan – Outbreak

Calgary native and hip-hopper Mark Logan left the hockey rink and went into the recording studio to create his recently released five-track EP Outbreak. The record reflects on the artist’s past and includes invigorating production as Logan’s rhymes hit hard. In a statement, Logan said, “At the beginning of Covid, I made the choice to retire from professional hockey and commit fully to music. The sound of this project reflects my mindset during this transition at this strange time.”

Natalie Shay – “Medicine Boy”

U.K.-bred indie-pop artist Natalie Shay’s latest single “Medicine Boy” touches upon the theme of comparing a dysfunctional relationship with a guy to a drug. Sonically, the track oozes with shimmering synths, Shay’s effervescent vocals and more. In a statement, the artist said, “The lyrics are written so that if I told you the whole song was about an addictive relationship, it would make sense. But if I also told you the whole song was about recreational drug use, every line would still make sense.”

AlienBlaze – “Broken Hearted Or What?”

British artist AlienBlaze’s new song “Broken Hearted Or What?” includes sonic elements from goth, grunge and emo to rock and electronic. The track’s lyrics express the whirlpool of emotions experienced after a breakup as AlienBlaze’s angsty vocal delivery is quite impactful. “I consider my music to be slightly ‘genre-fluid’ because I take inspiration from many different sources. I like my lyrics to be poetic and different, and hopefully, everyone can relate to the sentiment in the songs,” says the artist.

Dylan Dunlap – “Get More Rest”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Dylan Dunlap delivers a beautiful piano-aided ballad titled “Get More Rest.” Dunlap’s blissful vocals mixed in with the delicate instrumentation make for a pleasant listen. Talking about the song, the artist said, “As an adult with autism, I’m learning more about who I am and how I’m built.” He adds, “I had to find ways to quiet these voices in my head, and medicinal marijuana has been very helpful. It genuinely helps me be a better person. At the same time, I never want to rely on any substance. It’s taken time to find the strength to say, ‘I am not an addict, this just helps me.’”

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FIL BO RIVA – “Solo”

Berlin-based and Italian-raised artist FIL BO RIVA’s latest offering is the synth-leaning “Solo.” The track features a groovy beat over lyrics that the musician initially wrote about a breakup and feeling alone. However, he says, “The meaning changed over time. Right now, for me, it’s about the fact that it can be good to be alone, that you can also be happy for yourself and should accept that at some point.”

CAPYAC – “Ooeeooeeoo”

Los Angeles duo CAPYAC turn up the dial on faultless electro-funk on their latest single “Ooeeooeeoo.” If you’re wondering how to pronounce that, Eric Peana aka P. Sugz and Delwin Campbell aka Potion help you figure it out in no time, thanks to the unshakeable chorus. Joined by bassist Logan Kane, CAPYAC have now released the final single off their second album CAPYAC FOREVER, releasing on August 8th. “We tried for a long time to come up with a better name for this song, but there actually isn’t one,” the duo say in a statement.

Bokassa – “Burn It All (P.T.S.D.E.A.D.)”

Norwegian stoner-punk trio Bokassa throw together a hilarious video for their latest single “Burn It All (P.T.S.D.E.A.D.)” to complement their friendly yet heavy brand of music. Taken from their upcoming album Molotov Rocktail (out via Napalm Records on September 3rd), the Trondheim band show off just how anthemic and happy you can sound when you sing the words “The dream is dead.”

Nostalgix – “Friends” ft Amy Miyú

Iran-origin, Vancouver-based artist Nostalgix and vocalist Amy Miyú pump up indefatigable bass house music with a straightforward message that they didn’t come to play nice or make friends. Their song “Friends” hits hard but also plays up a Nineties visual aesthetic, which goes all the way to Nostalgix’s look.

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