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Global Artists Spotlight: Nathalie Miranda, Guyville, MEUTE and More

Hear the latest from musicians around the world

(clockwise from left) Sam Lambeth, Nathalie Miranda, Guyville and Black Pines. Photos: Paul Reynolds (Lambeth), Courtesy of the artists (Miranda, Guyville, Black Pines)

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Nathalie Miranda – “Is This Love”

On her latest single, U.K.-based singer-songwriter Nathalie Miranda pays tribute to her favorite decade, the Eighties, with her funky new pop track “Is This Love.” The track oozes with synths, retro drum sounds, Miranda’s soaring vocals and more. In a statement, the artist said, “The song is about being young and carefree and meeting that special someone, but the burning question is always…’is this love?’ Miranda has also released a cutesy video to accompany the song.

MEUTE – “Peace”

An 11-piece marching techno band from Germany seems like introduction enough for MEUTE. In case you had any doubts about the execution of their sound in a live setting, the group have released a performance of their latest single “Peace.” A combination of deep techno and classical brass band arrangements, the mesmerizing song is released via their in-house label Tumult and is part of their upcoming album Taumel.

The Ian Moore – “GODLIKE” feat. Futuristic

St. Louis-based artist The Ian Moore’s newest offering is the hard-hitting “GODLIKE” featuring Arizona rapper Futuristic. The upbeat track showcases the artists’ inner self-confidence and Moore said in a statement, “I know that confidence can come and go, but when I wrote this song it was during a point where all the pieces started to fall into place.”

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Guyville – “Should Have Never Dated”

Los Angeles indie rock duo Guyville – comprising Kat Hamilton and Emily Hulslande – have written about matters of the heart before, like their breakup song “Nothing” but their latest track “Should Have Never Dated” arrives right on Valentine’s Day with lessons learned in hindsight. The singer-songwriter duo channel bright Nineties rock and pop, complete with sing-along choruses and crunchy riffs.

Sam Lambeth, The Four Chords – “Nod My Head”

U.K.-based singer-songwriter Sam Lambeth recently released an older piece of music from his back catalog which has been given a facelift by the group The Four Chords. The uplifting acoustic leaning song contains plenty of vocal harmonies, catchy sections and polished instrumentation. In a statement, Lambeth said, “Playing with The Four Chords has been amazing. They are so incredibly talented, and I knew that these guys would be able to bring my vision to life…and then some!”

Bedouin Burger – “Dabkeh”

Syrian artist Lynn Adib and Lebanese producer Zeid Hamdan’s pandemic-origin project has led to some serious groovy songs released as the duo known as Bedouin Burger. Their latest single “Dabkeh” digs into the essence of Arabic rhythms and slowly introduces more familiar western elements like a bass guitar and electronic beats, all blended together with mind-expanding effects.

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Black Pines – “Fire and Stone”

Essex band Black Pines tap into anthemic rock and an urgent, uplifting pace on their latest single “Fire and Stone.” Bearing a folksy rock imprint reminiscent of artists like Nothing But Thieves, Black Pines follow up from their previous single “Chains” in 2021. The band says in a statement, “At its core, the song’s message is about empowerment. The chorus is kind of saying, we are who we are, and that’s okay – you don’t have to live up to anybody’s expectations”

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