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Global Artists Spotlight: Paige Corwin, Maya Lakhani, Anna Shoemaker And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Paige Corwin, Maya Lakhani, Anna Shoemaker and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

Paige Corwin – “Red Apple Lipstick”

American singer-songwriter Paige Corwin’s newest offering is the saccharine pop song “Red Apple Lipstick.” The track includes a tight groove, electronic elements as well as Corwin’s sugary vocals. In a statement, the artist said, “’Red Apple Lipstick’ is an energetic recollection of a typical night out. All that leads up to it, all that ensues, and all the repercussions, both expected and unexpected. The record explores the intermingling of relationships over a spread of 808s and navigates the idea of what people consider important to them.”

Maya Lakhani – “Nightfall”

Surrey-based Indo-British rock artist Maya Lakhani’s first release of 2022 comes in the shape of the raucous “Nightfall.” The song features a ripping guitar riff and hard-hitting drums while Lakhani’s soaring vocals sit atop the instruments perfectly. In a statement, the singer said, “’Nightfall’ is a song inspired by bad habits and dark thoughts coming to light at night. A time when vulnerability and darkness rise to the surface.”

Anna Shoemaker – “Everything is Fine”

As part of her forthcoming debut album Everything Is Fine (I’m on Fire), U.S.-based bedroom pop artist Anna Shoemaker recently released the record’s energetic title track. The explosive song features big sounds, catchy melodies and plenty of oomph. In a statement, Shoemake said, “It’s about burning it all down until the only thing left is you. You are the only person who has the power to ruin your life.” The track also has an accompanying music video that sees the artist in her own self-destructive fantasy, burning and destroying all that surrounds her until all she has left is herself.

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Dronningen – “Theatrical Love”

London-based electro-pop and rock act Dronningen follow up their 2017 EP Sugarbox with an explosive, wiry and fast-paced new single “Theatrical Love.” Powered by vocalist and songwriter Beatrice Bonnano’s incisive melodies about a chance encounter and strong attraction, the song is produced by Alessandro La Barbera and brings in guitarist Vito Cerasia and drummer Alberto Voglino’s power-packed rock rhythms.

DNIE & Frizzy the Streetz – “Dream”

Singer-songwriter and producer DNIE aka Edin Skenderi continues pushing deeper into the world of rock-informed hip-hop and pop with his latest single “Dream,” with an assist from Jamaica-born producer Frizzy The Streetz aka Lamar Recardo Black. DNIE says in a statement, “The song is about your dreams becoming a reality and you trying to come to terms with that, sometimes it’s hard to accept and enjoy the moment because it all still feels so surreal.”

Ed Geater and Subhi – “Water Raft”

U.K.-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ed Geater and U.S.-based Indian singer-composer Subhi team up for an airy pop collaboration “Water Raft.” Rooted in a nostalgic kind of love, the artists traverse ambient, electronic, acoustic and pop terrain throughout the track. Geater says about the song, “We are so proud of ‘Water Raft’ and it holds a special place in our hearts, so we hope people connect with the emotion that we poured into this song together.”

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Bradley Kim – “Growing Pains”

Kicking off his year with the first of several more projects, Seattle-bred and Macon, Georgia-based singer-songwriter Bradley Kim has released his openhearted song “Growing Pains.” Over wavy, lush production, the artist opens up about developing as a person with multiple sides – being gay, of Korean origin and going through college as part of the jocks. The artist says in a statement, “I wrote this song about self-growth despite the song actually talking about how I’m neglecting to grow. It’s about changing and outgrowing some of the things and people that used to be in your life, but you’re so hesitant to let it all go because it’s comfortable/familiar.”

Under the Rug – “Go To Sleep”

Darkly comic yet also signaling towards disturbing, Austin indie rock band Under the Rug’s new single and music video for “Go To Sleep” builds like a rousing, emotional ballad. Part of their upcoming album Dear Adeline, “Go To Sleep” particularly deals with the struggle of insomnia. Guitarist Sean Campbell says, “These songs were all written at a specific moment in time. When we look back at them it’s easy to judge them and want to update them, post-healing, post-closure, but you have to leave them alone.”


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