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Global Artists Spotlight: Pryti, F4ST, Rodney Chrome And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Artists (from left) Pryti, F4ST and Rodney Chrome. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Marcus Maschwitz (Pryti)

Shenna – “Cry Slowly”

U.S.-based R&B and pop artist Shenna’s new shimmering track “Cry Slowly” puts her vocal chops at the forefront. The track opens with minimal production before the song progresses with more sonic elements. In a statement, Shenna said, “’Cry Slowly’’ was written as a vent song after having to let go of the past. As someone who is very strong on the outside I usually let my emotions out behind closed doors. This song helped me heal.”

Scott the Pisces, BINX – “Summer ‘22”

British producer-songwriter Scott the Pisces and Los Angeles-based artist BINX join forces for the sugary pop number “Summer ’22.” The track includes distorted guitar parts, a jumpy rhythm section, catchy melodies, a breakdown during the bridge and more. The artists said in a statement, “[The song] harnesses the euphoria of what we’ve all wanted this summer to be. A sense of joy, wander and freedom the world has been stripped from the last few years, following the pandemic.”

Megan Knight – My Drama

American singer-songwriter Megan Knight takes you through the different stages of grief with her latest five-track EP My Drama. The record includes upbeat songs, country rock-driven ones as well as melancholic offerings.

Darro – “Wanna Say Goodbye”

Brooklyn-hailing Asian-American artist Darro whips out the distortion on his new pop-punk track “Wanna Say Goodbye.” The song also includes chugging drum parts, while Darro’s steely vocals carry the track. In a statement, the artist said, “As a person with high-functioning anxiety, to me this song is about the constant urge to pack up and leave after staying in one place too long. Some people call it a five-year urge or itch, but, for me, I just feel like I outgrow the places I’m at, and it’s okay.”

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Rodney Chrome – Ghetto Pop Star Vol.1

Arkansas-bred artist Rodney Chrome recently dropped his new two-track EP entitled Ghetto Pop Star Vol.1 ­– which is the first release of a four-part series. The songs on the just-released record, “Famous” and “To The Money” showcase Chrome’s fiery verses, slick production and sharp rhymes. In a statement, the artist said, “Being inspired by artists like Missy Elliot and Frank Ocean, my music mixes sounds from the early 2000s with innovative embellishments of what I hear as the future of music. As a dancer, a lot of my music is inspired by the idea that my sound will influence listeners to get up and move in some form or fashion.” 

Sail – “Emotion Motional Ocean”

Hailing from the city of Taunton in the Southwest, U.K., metal band Sail offer a euphoric kind of sludge (if you’ve ever heard it) on their latest single “Emotion Motional Ocean.” The chaotic fretwork is laid over atmospheric drum work, reminiscent of bands like Torche, and even Deftones. Vocalist and lyricist Tim Kazer says he was inspired by Disney’s 1940 telling of Pinocchio and Monstro, the whale “I went back and watched a clip and Gepetto will not stop talking about dying. Like I don’t think there was a single person who made that film thinking ‘this one’s for the kids!’ Emotions can be that way sometimes though, like being eaten alive. That’s what ‘Emotion Motional Ocean’ is. One big alt rock emotional monster munch.”

Kaatii – “Superterrestrial Humanoid”

In honor of Pride Month, Texas’ 15-year-old trans non-binary artist Kaatii sings from the perspective of an alien trying to find their home and purpose on Earth. They drive home the point with pop-rock riffs and shout-along choruses. Kaatii says in a statement, “Coming out as a teenager and finding one’s path in these critical years is hard. Finally feeling welcomed by a community of like-minded individuals and having access to more resources has been essential. Though being openly queer and trans non binary is beyond scary, it’s very liberating at the same time and I want to encourage others to celebrate who they are and what makes them different.”

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F4ST – “Love Nwantiti”

Colombian DJ-producer and singer-songwriters Fainal and SaraTunes aka F4ST take one of the most popular songs of 2020 – Nigerian artist CKay’s seductive “Love Nwantiti” – and add to the canon with their slap house rendition of the song. What you get is a track that ups the energy and is ready for club dancefloors. The duo say in a statement, “What we love about this song is that we were able to make our own version of it, and to put a print of our style (slap house) on a hit like this makes us proud and happy.”

Pryti – “Warning Sign”

British-Indian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Pryti teams up with producer Justin Hill (also the former vocalist of SikTh) for her latest single “Warning Sign,” which is some parts modern metal but also seems to draw from early 2000s alt-rock. Helming guitars, vocals, bass and synth/keyboards, Pryti is also plotting a full-length album, which dives into metal, rock and electronica.


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