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Global Artists Spotlight: Q, CHANDLER, Zealyn And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Artists (from left) Q, CHANDLER and Zealyn. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Cory Popp (Zealyn)

Paige Corwin – “Sorry Anthem” 

U.S.-based pop artist Paige Corwin’s latest single is the funky R&B track “Sorry Anthem.” Corwin’s voice shines throughout the track, which was written a year after she went through a breakup. In a statement, the artist said, “I was immediately reminded of the guilt and sorrow I felt about ending things with my boyfriend, after being together for nearly a decade. Writing a sincere apology to him allowed me to get everything off my chest and let it all out.” 

Zealyn – “Lana In My Dreams” 

LA-based alt-pop artist Angie Miller aka Zealyn’s newest offering is the upbeat “Lana In My Dreams.” In the groovy track, Zealyn sings about being overwhelmed. The artist wrote the song after waking up from a dream where she could hear Lana Del Rey singing. In a statement, she said, “When the chorus arrives, it’s meant to feel like a victory and relief, while the verses are meant to fuel the tension by singing about addiction and desperation.”  

Coline Creuzot – “For Love” 

Texas-bred soul R&B artist Coline Creuzot oozes with bliss and warmth on her new track “For Love.” The song includes lush instrumentation, hooky sections and Creuzot’s breezy vocals. In a statement, the singer said, “I love New Orleans bounce music, so I went in and put my spin on it. The message is to embrace love [the good love], never settle. We all deserve to be loved in the way we desire.” 


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter CHANDLER shares what to expect from his forthcoming EP Moments Asleep in the shape of the experimental “LAZY.” The song stands out for its slick production, CHANDLER’s raspy vocals as well as delicate synths and hypnotic dynamics. In a statement, the artist said, “Give yourself a break and take a beat when you’re overwhelmed by the chaos of life, which can even slip in when you’re trying too hard to find peace or be present. Have a little fun with it; it’s ok to be lazy.” 

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Q – “100K” 

One of the more necessary things we need is more artists calling out bad practices in the music industry. Sri Lankan soul/jazz/R&B singer Q aka Francesca Mudannayake does exactly that in her latest song and music video “100K.” Part of her debut EP Hysteria, the song sees Q rapping about “killing the game,” as she and her trusty feline companion knock down all kinds of patriarchal and industry-related obstacles in a fun animated music video. Over the smooth beat produced by Murandu, Q signs off coolly, “Pay me what you owe me.”  

Silyla – “C’est La Vie”  

Canada-born, London-bred Sri Lankan-origin artist Silyla advises her ex to forget about her and enjoy the freedoms of a carefree life in her latest R&B song, “C’est La Vie.” Silyla digs into a playful, saccharine hook that’s full of conviction. She says in a statement, “I was being introduced to a lot of new people at this time and found myself getting a lot of unwanted attention from certain types of people. I wrote this song to represent the feeling of being able to be an individual, and knowing who’s good and bad for you, whether that be in a toxic relationship, or a friendship.”  

Jean Tonique & Warner Case – “Shake Our Bones” 

Following banger tunes like “Ok” and “I Miss New York” over the past two years, New York-based producer Warner Case and French producer and multi-instrumentalist Jean Tonique have returned to team up for “Shake Our Bones.” It’s got lyrics that speak to the heart about enjoying a night out after spending too much time cloistered at home, wanting to feel music in a powerful way. The song arrives alongside another single “Daffodil,” showcasing a club-friendly disco-funk sound. Case says in a statement, “We chose to release the funky and fun ‘Shake Our Bones’ alongside the melancholic and serene ‘Daffodil’ to highlight the honest, creative diversity that lives within all of us, and how our moods can swing so wildly even in a few hours.”  

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New Age Healers – “Scars” 

Seattle-based shoegaze/psych-rock band New Age Healers – founded by multi-instrumentalist Owen Murphy – have been putting out a steady run of singles this year, starting with “Don’t Let Me Go,” “Scars” and “Setting Sun.” Among their most intriguing and driving is “Scars,” reminiscent of artists like Oceansize, albeit with a dreamier, fuzzier edge. The releases are part of their upcoming album Demolition Stories, slated for August. Murphy says in a statement, “The song is about a woman caught between the pressures of raising children alone while also yearning for a life in the arts.”  

Plush – “Will Not Win”  

Comprising singer-songwriter and guitarist Moriah Formica, drummer Brooke Colucci, guitarist Bella Perron and bassist Ashley Suppa, New York act Plush channel everything anyone loves about metal and hard rock from the early 2000s, combined with modern flourishes, on their debut self-titled album. Released last year, their recent music video for “Will Not Win” is a shot of adrenaline, dialing up on anthemic choruses with molten riffs to boot. 


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