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Global Artists Spotlight: Skip Waiters, ROSIN, Alex Fasso And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Skip Waiters, ROSIN, Alex Fasso and more. Photo: Courtesy of the artists, Matthew Roberts-Clifton (Fasso)

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Alex Fasso – “Northside”

Hong Kong-bred and Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Alex Fasso’s new single, off his forthcoming EP They All Look The Same, includes sleek production and Eighties-inspired synths as well as his soulful vocal delivery. On the song’s inspiration, Fasso said, “’Northside’ is about this suburb in Melbourne, it’s about how we’re in a world where everyone wants to stand out from societal norms but the people from the suburb just all look the same. They all dress the same, shop at the same stores, smoke the same cigarettes, go to the same bars and really by them doing this they in fact aren’t ‘indie,’ they are just the same as everyone else.”

DEVORA – “Body Bag”

Hailing from Arizona, pop artist DEVORA’s gritty new track “Body Bag” features alt-rock elements, dark lyrics and catchy melodies. The track’s wild west twang juxtaposed distorted guitars and heavy drums hit all the right spots. Talking about the track, the artist said, “Have you ever been so frustrated with someone that you just wanted to tie them up in a burlap sack, dump them in a six-foot dirt grave in the middle of the Mojave Desert and then drive off at full speed into the sunset without looking back? ‘Body Bag’ is an ode to outlaws everywhere. Sometimes you got to get a little wild and reckless to get things done.”

ROSIN – “Tired of Dancing”

German-bred and Brighton-based singer-songwriter ROSIN’s latest offering, the stirring “Tired of Dancing,” from her upcoming EP Now I’m A Woman, is an emotional and intimate piano ballad that showcases her profound vocal skills as she sings about a previous unhealthy relationship. The artist says, “I wrote this song last summer together with my best friend. Being in lockdown and feeling really lonely sometimes made me romanticize my past relationship, which had unhealthy tendencies in reality.” She adds, “I try to remind myself of all the things that made me want to leave it in the first place.”

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Encore – “In My Head”

Recently, Winnipeg duo Encore released their first single of 2021 in the shape of the fiery pop tune “In My Head.” The pair juxtapose genres that include pop, rock and hip hop while also featuring indulgent production on their new track. In a statement, Encore said, “’In My Head’ is about the reflection of memories and recognition of how certain things can remain with us for a long time. When you think back, it becomes clear that even though time goes on, that person or specific memory stays with you and continues to play a part in your mind.”

Skip Waiters – Personal Stereo

On his debut mixtape, Personal Stereo, Canadian hip-hop artist Skip Waiters reflects on his childhood and hardships while growing up. The record includes slick rhymes, pumping beats as well as Skip’s impeccable delivery.

Grady ft. lovelytheband – “The Idea of You”

Los Angeles indie artists Grady and lovelytheband turn up with a warm, lush song called “The Idea of You,” picking apart a situationship in all its bittersweetness and vulnerability. To their credit, the collaboration delivers an unshakeable chorus which professes Grady’s true feelings. The artist says about the track, “I wrote it after telling a girl I had a shaky history with that I still loved her. She said, ‘I think you love the idea of me’ but even if that was the case, just thinking of her made me feel fuzzy and that was enough.”

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Jake $ing – “Fresh off the Boat”

Launching off from the comedy T.V. show of the same name, Asian origin Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist Jake $ing bares his heart about racial discrimination and how he’s proud of his heritage. In the video accompanying the track, $ing carries forward the message of #StopAsianHate while having fun with friends. He adds, “It’s for anyone who’s ever felt like they needed to hide where they came from and change themselves to fit in or have been told that they’re not ‘real Americans.’”

Lola Wild – Strange Shapes EP

London duo Lola Wild’s vocalist Sian Barnett and multi-instrumentalist George Godfrey traverse smoky, jazz-informed downtempo alternative/pop music across four tracks on their latest EP Strange Shapes. The record is stitched together with the intention of a noir film soundtrack, including a music video for “Second Hand Love.”

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