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Global Artists Spotlight: Sticky Fingers, KIANA, Davie Furey And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Sticky Fingers, KIANA, Davie Furey and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Ruth Medjber (Furey)

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Sticky Fingers – “Saves The Day” and “My Rush”

Australian indie-rock outfit Sticky Fingers recently released two singles entitled “Saves The Day” and “My Rush” leading up to their full-length album We Can Make The World Glow. On “Saves The Day” the band delivers a laidback performance with quaint instrumentation and an emotive vocal performance while on “My Rush” is more experimental with intricate grooves, weaving melodies as well as striking sonic elements. According to the band, “Saves The Day” is a song about “self-reflection and growth” whereas “My Rush” speaks of “addiction, overdose and the mental health struggles that come with it.”

Davie Furey – “The Rain That Falls On Palestine”

Irish singer-songwriter Davie Furey shares an emotional and meaningful piece of music with his latest offering in the shape of his new song called “The Rain That Falls On Palestine.” The song features delicate acoustic guitar plucking, gentle keys and Furey’s passionate vocals. In a statement, the artist said, “I was brought up listening to songs by Woody Guthrie, Luke Kelly, Tracy Chapman, Billy Bragg, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and a whole host of other songwriters who, at times, reflected on world events through their music.  I believe that the Palestinian people have been bullied, oppressed and abused for many years now.  This song is for those proud people of Palestine.”

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KIANA – “strangers”

Toronto-based R&B artist KIANA’s newest track is the moody number “strangers.” Sonically, the song oozes a dark tone with lush keys, an airy groove, electronic elements and KIANA’s velvety vocals. In a statement, she said, “It’s ultimately a sad title, but it’s probably the most common human thought and experience. I know everyone who reads the title will think about the time they experienced that thought too and will think about that person – who could at the time be a stranger, a lover, or somewhere in between.”

Grand Alpaca – “Wolves / Little Lies”

Norwegian singer-songwriter Grand Alpaca aka Alexander Hoddevik has released the latest song off his upcoming debut album Staying Quiet Is An Easy Young Thing To Do, bringing sparse but resolute vocals and acoustic charm on “Wolves / Little Lies.” While the first half of the track delves on the artist’s folksy roots, there’s dreamy, post-rock energy by the end.

El Train – “Feeling Blue”

U.K. producer El Train teams up with vocalist Byulah and trumpeter Jackson Mathod for an evocative blend of soul, hip-hop and jazz on “Feeling Blue.” Anchored in an easygoing beat, Byulah’s vocals are lush as Jackson’s trumpet add an understated but gilded edge. The song is El Train’s lead single off his album And Then We Woke Up

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