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Global Artists Spotlight: Treasure Bloom, ASHWARYA, El3ment And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Treasure Bloom, ASHWARYA, El3ment and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Gadir Rajab (ASHWARYA)

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ASHWARYA – Nocturnal Hours

Indian origin and Melbourne-based pop artist ASHWARYA channels rap and pop, bhangra drumming and R&B on her debut six-track EP Nocturnal Hours. The record includes the spine-tingling “PSYCHO HOLE” and the bouncy “[email protected]” while the artist gets experimental on “BIRYANI” before the EP closes with the emotional “LOVE AGAIN.” The record’s title plays on the pensive and varied thoughts that arise once the sun goes down and is reflected through the artist’s lyrics.

Treasure Bloom – “Feelings, Pt. II”

U.K. multi-instrumentalist and R&B artist Treasure Bloom’s latest single is the dreamy and ethereal track “Feelings, Pt. II.” The musician touches on opening up about feelings as his silky vocals over quaint electric guitar plucking create a soothing mood.

El3ment – “Down Bad / Gang Gang”

Kuwait-based hip-hop artist El3ment delivers rhymes about hardship and how being put in a dark place can cause an outcome of success on his latest banging single “Down Bad / Gang.” In a statement, the artist says, “When life is hard, and things get uncomfortable we can use these struggles to push ourselves harder in order to reach a goal.”

Juniper – Distance Keeps Me Distant

U.S.-based alt-rockers Juniper bring together rock, folk, R&B, and bedroom pop on their recently released 10-track album Distance Keeps Me Distant. The record includes the emotional “Overthinking,” the funky “Daydream (brake lights),” the glossy “Driving” featuring fellow artist Claudia, the jumpy “Angelina” and more. In a statement, the band said, “Distance Keeps Me Distant is about the nature of relationships and how at our age, often it is the only source of life-altering experience. Whether it be a relationship with a romantic partner, family and friends, yourself, or the world around you, how we experience relationships has profound effects for growth.”

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Rowdy Outsider – “Fall Away”

Irish rockers Rowdy Outsider dip their toes into punk rock with gritty guitars and heavy drums while also including pop elements on their new single “Fall Away.” Inspired by the dissolution of a long-term relationship, the band says about the track, “’Fall Away’ brings undertones of relief, hope and excitement for the future.”

Prompts – “Asphyxiate” ft. Ryo Kinoshita

Five-member Japanse/Korean metallers Prompts unleash a wrecking ball with their latest single “Asphyxiate,” featuring vocalist Ryo Kinoshita (from fellow metallers Crystal Lake). In addition to a mind-meltingly intense music video, the band are at their abrasive best on “Asphyxiate,” which shows off influences of bands like Architects and more.

Cat Calabrese – “Fever Dream”

Cleveland-bred singer-songwriter Cat Calabrese went from singing in an indie/alternative band called Rule of Young to launching a solo career as a pop artist this year. Following her first two singles “Quicksand” and “Scared of Me,” Calabrese turns to dancefloor-friendly, moody pop on her latest single “Fever Dream.” A cross between EDM and pop, the Calabrese digs into a wordless vocal melody that’s at the heart of the love song.

James Smith – “Got The Love”

Don’t let the commonness of the name sidetrack you, because London-based singer-songwriter James Smith has steadily honed his craft as a self-taugtht producer to create poignant songs. His latest is “Got The Love,” a seemingly gospel-inflected song of courage and solace which also has a touching music video about those struggling in life and finding support. Smith said in a statement, “I wrote it for my brother and my closest friends. I’ve found that a lot of younger people nowadays, including myself, are struggling a lot with the pressures of today, such as social media etc.”

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InRetrospect – “My Last Breath”

Active since 2018 in the U.K. metal scene, InRetrospect have so far made their mark in 2020 and 2021 with singles like “CHOKE” and “Limerence.” Their latest, which released on July 23rd, is a string-bending groove fest which speaks with lyrical as well as sonic angst, flying into djent breakdowns as well as arena-filling choruses. Vocalist Nathan Biddles says in a statement, “As a band we decided that this track didn’t need to be overly complicated, it’s carrying an important and crucial message in my vocals, so we harnessed the raw emotion behind the topic and made a conscious decision to write and design something power, cutting and sharp to accompany.”

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