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Global Artists Spotlight: Wildstreet, Camille Trust, The Vintage Caravan and More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Anurag Tagat Apr 07, 2021

(clockwise from top left) Lola Wild, Black Pistol Fire, Ulrik Munther, Camille Trust, The Vintage Caravan and Wildstreet. Photos: Hordur Sveinsson (Vintage Caravan), courtesy of the artists

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Camille Trust – “Florida”

Like many musicians, singer-songwriter Camille Trust had temporarily moved back home to Lutz, Florida from New York City during the pandemic. Previously part of vocal ensembles with artists like Shawn Mendes and Nathaniel Rateliff, the singer has been releasing her own material since 2018. Her latest song “Florida” remains especially important, not just because it sees her scale soulful highs over minimal pop production, but also harkening back home in the lyrics. She says, “The song encapsulates hometown memories by playing to the vast differences between New York and Florida. There is longing and heartache when reminiscing about times past and an eagerness to get back to the roots which raised me.”

Wildstreet — “Set It Off”

While they may have gained a bit of publicity for trying to pull off a month-long tour in the midst of a pandemic (which is still slated for sometime in 2021), New York City band Wildstreet keep their studio material incendiary. Their stomping, arena-ready new song “Set It Off,” for example, is all about anthemic choruses and spirited build-ups, plus soaring guitar solos that draws a bit from Def Leppard while leveraging modern rock production aesthetics.

Black Pistol Fire — Look Alive

Canada-bred, Austin-based duo Kevin McKeown and Eric Own have so far taken over stages at festivals such as Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza as Black Pistol Fire and they’ve now released their sixth album Look Alive via Black Hill Records. As you’d expect from a rock duo, Black Pistol Fire concoct a blues, garage rock and rock ‘n roll combo that’s entirely modern, reminiscent of artists like The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys. The 11-track record also heaps up a lot of dance-rock vibes, on songs like “Never Enough” and warbly guitar-led tracks such as “Hope In Hell” and “Level.”  

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Lola Wild – “Mirabella”

London-based duo Lola Wild – comprising George Godfrey and Sian Barnett dive into a hazy, retro-rich nostalgia trip on their latest single “Mirabella.” The slow-burn, nocturnal track follows the duo’s debut single “Sand.” Considering they came together just earlier this year, Lola Wild certainly have an edge for the cinematic, complete with moody vocals and layers of dream-rock production.

The Vintage Caravan — “Crystallized”

Reykjavik rock trio The Vintage Caravan are lining up the release of their next album Monuments on April 16th via Napalm Records and the taste we’ve got from it so far promises psychedelic prog goodness. The music video for “Crystallized,” for example, sees the band try to survive the great outdoors only to end up completely miserable and cannibalistic, even as they rock out with echoey choruses, hypnotic guitar solos and all.

Ulrik Munther — “Come Find Me”

Previously racking up millions of streams for songs like “Before” and “Daughter” in 2018, Swedish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ulrik Munther has prefaced the release of his next album with an upbeat tune called “Come Find Me.” The impassioned love song puts him squarely in the euphoric pop space, complete with glimmering synth lines and an instantly memorable chorus. Munther’s album Put Yourself Out There is set to release later this year.

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