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Global Artists Spotlight: XoBrooklynne, Black Zang, Borboleta And More

Hear the latest by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) XoBrooklynne, Black Zang, Borboleta and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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XoBrooklynne – “My Crown”

Canada-bred Brooklynne Webb aka XoBrooklynne recently released her saccharine debut pop single “My Crown”. The song includes edgy production, dance elements as well as Webb’s infectious sass. The catchy chorus has already been streamed over 20 million times across platforms where the singer belts out the lyrics, “You sound jealous, that’s sweet/But you’ll nеver get a piecе of my crown.”

Borboleta – Until That Time

R&B artist Borboleta’s new five-track EP Until That Time deals with the uncertainty, anger, curiosity and chaos that comes with falling in love. Sonically, the artist blends light-hearted pop and laid-back neo-soul melodies capturing emotion, feel and soul with the music. 

Antonio Vergara – Internal Cosmogony

Ecuadorian singer-songwriter and producer Antonio Vergara arrives at his most sublime and mind-expanding peak on his latest album Internal Cosmogony. In addition to the lap steel guitar and long-championed blues elements, the seven-track record is steeped in spirituality and inner healing, with Vergara exploring subtle electronics as well as ‘bass tanpura’, a Chinese whistle, darbuka and several instruments.

Black Zang – “Bangla Hype”

Bangladeshi rapper Black Zang aka Asiful Islam Sohan’s gruff flow immediately stands out in his latest, self-assuring song “Bangla Hype.” Honing his craft since 2007, Black Zang’s latest track is produced with hazy desi crossover potential by Shahan AHM and includes a music video showing the rapper minting his own currency notes, along with other action-packed VFX-heavy sequences (including flying sharks). “Bangla Hype” is hard-hitting and club-ready, exactly what you’d expect from Black Zang, who aims to establish local as well as international acclaim.

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Piri Reis – Demo

Malaysia emo-violence, screamo and punk band Piri Reis were unshakably despondent and angry at every turn on their four-track demo, which released in 2015. The five-member act are turbulent and dramatic in equal measure on songs like “First There Was Ophera, A Masquerade,” “The Padang Jawa Virgin Vigilante” and “The Devil’s Deed of Donetsk.” They top it off with one of their best-known songs to date, the bruising, incendiary “When Life Hand You Grenade.”

Luigi Tasso – “Genesis”

Focusing on the evolution of the universe, French-Lebanese producer Luigi Tasso painstakingly crafts a trip through galaxies, celestial bodies and living organisms in his latest audio-visual project “Genesis.” The seven-and-a-half-minute piece has been in the works since 2019, as Tasso taught himself animation, refined his work and doubled down on his editing. He says in a statement, “I was always fascinated by space and by the idea of playing god: creating something out of nothing and having full control over every detail of it. I also wanted this project to be the introduction of my art to the world, my genesis.” 

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