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Global Artists Spotlight: Yndling, Leisure Sport, RUMTUM And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Yndling, Leisure Sport, RUMTUM and more. Photos: Celina Morken; Courtesy of the artists

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Smiff – Flowers

U.S.-based hip-hop artist Clay Smith aka Smiff showcases slick rhymes on his latest 10-track album Flowers. The record is built on sonic elements that range from R&B and soul music while Smiff’s powerful delivery makes the record quite an interesting listen.

Lucy & La Mer – “Ooh La La”

Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist Lucy & La Mer delivers quite a bop in the shape of the vibrant new song “Ooh La La.” Filled with uplifting synths and electric guitar riffs, the artist says, “I want listeners to feel invincible when they hear this song. I think many of us are coming out of a long, challenging year and we’ve realized that there’s no time like the present to be exactly who we always wanted to become. I want to see people not just back on their feet, but taking the world by storm and living larger than before.”

A Beck – “You Coming Back?”

Orlando native A Beck recently dropped a catchy new tune called “You Coming Back?” Produced by Kmo the Bro, the track features A Beck’s subtle voice and soulful melodies. Lyrically, the pop artist sings about a story of two lovers away from each other.

Niall McNamee – Step By Step

Irish singer-songwriter Niall McNamee touches upon life experiences and human emotions across his new five-track EP Step By Step. The poignant record includes folk sounds as well as pop elements while the musician uses the acoustic guitar brilliantly to convey his message.

Vicu – “Focused on You”

Maryland-based electro-pop artist Vicu’s latest single “Focused On You” features a dreamy soundscape juxtaposed with electronic elements. The artist explains that the track is his interpretation of what summer feels like. In a statement, he says, “I want the listener to be able to roll the top down and take their girlfriend or boyfriend on the adventure of a lifetime.”

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Ella McCready – “Fine On My Own”

London-based soul-pop artist Ella McCready’s newest offering is the rhythmic “Fine On My Own.” The track includes the singer’s soaring vocals as well as groovy guitar and percussive parts while bright keyboard stabs carry the song. Talking about the song, McCready says, “It’s always good to be reminded that you are all you need. I think that’s an empowering thought.”

Aibai – “Aura” (feat. Colby Hansen)

Minneapolis-based producer Aibai collaborates with vocalist Colby Hansen for a dreamy and romantic new song entitled “Aura.” The track features heavy synths, harmonic chords and more. Lyrically, the song narrates the story of a queer relationship. Aibai shares, “I feel like with the pandemic, live music has really taken a toll and this song just makes me want to get out, play a show, dance, enjoy the company of friends and live to the fullest.”

Yndling – “Cotton Candy Skies”

Norwegian dream-pop artist Silje Espevik aka Yndling is out with her second single, the wistful “Cotton Candy Skies.” The singer takes influences from artists and bands such as Beach House, Tops, Crumb, Hatchie and Mazzy Star. “The idea for the song came as I was walking home one evening and the sky was really brilliant with pink clouds all over,” says Yndling.

RUMTUM – “Gold Splash”

Cleveland-based artist RUMTUM’s transports the listener to a meditative state with his new track “Gold Splash” which includes textured soundscapes and atmospheric elements. The song is off the musician’s upcoming LP Isles in Indigo.

Leisure Sport – Title Card

Baltimore-based rockers Leisure Sport deliver a power-packed five-track debut EP Title Card. The band’s rhythmic sense and dynamic changes as well as frontwoman Dana DiGennaro’s explosive vocals are quite a treat to the ear. It’s only onwards and upwards for this young rock outfit.

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Jack Conway – “Sad Songs”

Indiana-bred, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jack Conway digs into an uplifting electro-pop tune on his latest single “Sad Songs.” Half-reminiscent and name-dropping references to Linkin Park and Evanescence, the single goes in a different lyrical direction than most music out right now. He says, “Just like people says ‘it’s good to cry,’ it is also good to allow yourself to focus on and choose happiness.”

Part Chimp – “Drool”

U.K. noise-rock quintet Part Chimp upcoming album Drool is previewed with its molten title track, which released in May. Best known for heavy hitter albums such as I Am Come in 2005, their latest dives headlong into swirling, shoegaze-y guitar work and slamming drumming. Drool is out on June 11th via Wrong Speed Records in the U.K. and Learning Curve in the U.S.

Bluckther x Martin Trevy – “Your Body”

Columbian producer Bluckther aka Juan Felipe Lopez Gomez and Berlin-based DJ-producer Martin Trevy team up for a club-friendly buoyant number called “Your Body.” The track aptly lives up to Bluckther’s reputation as a party-starter behind the decks, previously headlining festivals such as Tomorrowland’s Mainstage, Ultra Miami and more.

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