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Goa-Based Singer-Songwriter Jaden Maskie Shines on New Single ‘Rhythm Of My Heart’

The track comes after the musician’s slew of singles last year

David Britto Feb 18, 2021

Goa-based singer-songwriter Jaden Maskie. Photo: Ethan Mascarenhas

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For as long as he can remember, Goa-based singer-songwriter Jaden Maskie has had music around him. He began singing at eight and picked up the guitar by 12. “This helped me immensely, especially when I started making covers in 2016,” he says. After moving from Mumbai to the beachside state four years ago, Maskie began producing and writing his own music. Last year, the musician introduced himself to the world with three singles and one collaboration. Maskie says, “Just the fact that music I’ve released has been heard around the world is a huge accomplishment.”

Recently, Maskie put out his most polished work yet, the sublime “Rhythm Of My Heart.” According to him, the track was written to be played on loop (Maskie certainly got us doing that, so mission accomplished). “After I came up with the chord progression, I was able to create an extremely memorable hook, that people can sing easily,” he says. While the track falls in the pop category, there’s a variation of R&B styles flowing through.

The singer-songwriter admits that making music is a very personal experience for him that comes with a lot of trial and error. Maskie wears many hats as an artist, apart from writing and producing his own music, the singer-songwriter also mixes and masters his tunes. He says, “It’s possible for me to be self-sufficient, that is a very key factor of being an individual artist in today’s day and age.”

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For now, Maskie plans on continuing to put out singles as he still feels he’s figuring out his strengths and weaknesses. The musician also doesn’t want to be restricted to a particular genre. He says, “Eventually, after I gain significant exposure, I’ll work on an album.”

Stream “Rhythm Of My Heart” on Spotify below and on other platforms:

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