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Goa Singer-Songwriter Mrinaal Casewa Gets Experimental on Debut Single ‘Har Kisi Ki Kahani’

The musician juxtaposes ghazal delivery and rock on the track

David Britto Sep 08, 2020

Goa-based singer-songwriter Mrinaal Casewa. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Coming from a home where his mother and grandmother were both classically trained musicians, it was a sure path for Goa-based singer-songwriter Mrinaal Casewa to follow. The artist was hooked to music from an early age and soon realized that it was able to evoke an emotion. “This, to date, is what drives me as an artist. To be able to evoke that genuineness of feeling,” he says. Now, Casewa is out with his debut single, “Har Kisi Ki Kahani,” wherein he blends his ghazal delivery and rock influences on the song.

The new track is an upbeat rhythmic post-rock fueled offering but retains the traditional nuances of ghazal gayaki. Casewa says, “For years I have been searching for that optimum way to marry the worlds of ghazal and rock.” The musician initially felt trapped within the confines of his previous acoustic folk-rock sound but is now much more comfortable with this experimentation of sonic elements. However, he is quick to say, “This is not fusion music. It is rock n’ roll and it’s in Urdu.”

Lyrically, Casewa explores the story of people from different walks of life and no matter their background, they are all pursuing the same thing, “health, happiness and love.” He says, “I noticed how many of my friends were living very different lives. Yet within these varied lifestyles, each one was working to achieve their desires in their own ways.”

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The singer-songwriter roped in some of the beach state’s finest musicians to help him put the song together at his home studio. “Har Kisi Ki Kahani” has been produced by Hemant Chakraborty (who also recorded drums for the track) while guitarist Shayne Ballantyne and bassist Joe Ferrao added their talents to the song too. Chakraborty also shares a similar passion for ghazals and rock like the singer-songwriter and Casewa says, “When the lockdown hit in March, we decided to record some music, and that’s when I realized that he was also a genius music producer. I am forever indebted to him for helping me find my sound.”

Casewa is lining up a follow-up single later this month called “Mujhe Yaad Karke.” The musician hopes to continue churning out releases and is also optimistic about getting back on stage and touring soon. “We already have a setlist of about 25 songs and our sound is ready, so as things reopen, I guess it’s just a matter of time before I can bring my music and message to the world,” says Casewa.

Watch the music video for “Har Kisi Ki Kahani” below and stream the song on Spotify

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