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Goa Singer-Songwriter Neil D’Cruz Pleads for Unity on Debut Single ‘Together As One’

The track includes delicate acoustic guitar plucking and subtle keyboard parts

David Britto Jun 10, 2020

Goa singer-songwriter Neil D’Cruz. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Goa-based singer-songwriter Neil D’Cruz owes his passion for music to his parents. Influenced by Seventies and Eighties music from pop-rock to jazz, the musician went on to play in a band in school and also formed a group called Rhythm X at the age of 18 with his sister. “We played many gigs in Goa and across the Middle East,” he says. For the past 11 years, D’Cruz has been teaching music at Vidya Vikas Academy Margao in Goa and is now out with his debut single, the optimistic “Together As One.”

The singer-songwriter penned the track in the classroom he teaches in. The musician explains that he wanted his first release to connect with people and inspire change in the world. He says, “I could see real-life scenarios on religious disputes across the nation causing a divide.” The song, written to unite people, features relaxed acoustic guitar work by D’Cruz and melodic keyboard parts from Revlon Jackson which works well with the song’s melody. “My students are my biggest inspiration and I wanted to pass on a message to our brave young ones,” he says.

“Together As One” was recorded at Navelim’s Revlon Jackson Studios and the track’s accompanying video was shot by fellow musician Franky Fernandes. In the clip, D’Cruz and Jackson are seen performing the song in an open space while archival footage of communal unrest flashes across the screen. D’Cruz says, “The video captured the pain the country went through with the tough trials and tribulations it’s faced.”

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Two years ago, D’Cruz launched a project called Uncut Diamonds to identify talent in kids from across Goa and promote more original music within the state. “This project is super special to me, it has made me understand how to better encourage and motivate children so that they will grow to love and appreciate music.” While in lockdown the musician has been able to spend time writing more songs and is lining up three more singles to be released, including a track called “Thank You Mama,” which is an ode to his mother. “It has been quite a spiritual journey of ups and downs which led me to creating my own music with a different perspective,” he says.

Watch the video for “Together As One” below:

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