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Goddess Gagged To Go On A Hiatus

The Mumbai post-hardcore band will play their last gig at High Spirits, Pune this week.

Anurag Tagat Jan 09, 2014
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(Photo: Roycin D'souza)

(Photo: Roycin D’souza)

When Goddess Gagged performed at last year’s edition of the crowdfunded event Control ALT Del in Mumbai, they announced that it would be their last ever gig. Band frontman Siddharth Basrur dedicated the show to their drummer Jeremy D’souza, who had already left for L.A to pursue a course in music production in drums at the renowned Musicians Institute. Electro pop band Shaa’ir + Func’s drummer Aditya Ashok filled in for D’souza at this show last September. Fans of the band will be happy to know that this Mumbai gig was only their penultimate one, as the band takes to stage for their final show in Pune this week.

Following the release of their debut album Resurface in 2011, Goddess Gagged band members moved on to other projects. Basrur kicked off his solo project, Devesh Dayal joined Delhi-based prog metal band Skyharbor and Arman Menzies started an electro side project called Mnkyslt. Now bassist Krishna Jhaveri has been recruited to replace Nikhil Rufus Raj as Skyharbor’s bassist. Says Jhaveri, “They [Skyharbor] asked me if I didn’t mind filling in for a couple of shows in Germany and the UK [in October 2013]. I had to fast track my visa and also learn all the songs real quick.” This month Dayal leaves for Berklee to pursue a four-year course in music. Says Dayal, “I’m really proud of what we [Goddess Gagged] have done but I kinda have to go to college now. I will come back in May so we might make plans then.”

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Formed under the name Fulcrum in 2008 by guitarist Menzies, bassist Jhaveri and drummer D’souza, Goddess Gagged expanded to include guitarist Dayal and vocalist Basrur in 2010. For their Pune gig, Goddess Gagged will play a 50-minute set. Jhaveri adds the setlist includes favorites such as “Modern Machines and “Sink or Swim” as well as three unreleased songs ”“ “Handmade Waterfalls,” “Elation” and their upcoming single, “Fine Lines.” Says Jhaveri, “”˜Fine Lines’ is about 99 percent done, but we’re just sitting on it and want to release it as a parting gift for fans.”

Jhaveri adds the farewell show will be “emotional,” just as it was when the band last played with D’souza at Blue Frog in September last year. Says Jhaveri, “It [the break] is a little more permanent now, but it’s going to be a fun night.”

Goddess Gagged perform at High Spirits, Pune on January 10th, 2013.

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