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GOT7 Promise to Stay With Their Fans On ‘Encore’

The music video gives fans an inside look into the track’s recording process and glimpses of heart-warming moments between the seven members

Divyansha Dongre Feb 20, 2021
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A day ago, GOT7 surprised fans with a teaser for an unexpected new release. The septet dropped clues on their social media platforms and launched a new YouTube channel for their activities as a group, thrilling fans and building anticipation before finally dropping their emotional new track “Encore.”

Composed by Jinyoung and producer Trippy, “Encore” can best be described as a tribute, celebrating the relationship between GOT7 and their fanbase, Ahgase. Apart from the cinematography, melody and lyrics, one thing that stands out is the title of the song. An ‘encore’ is a form of an exclamation, often used by fans at the end of a concert, encouraging the singer to keep performing, thus, making the lyrics, “We will sing for you for the rest of the days too/ Encore! Encore!” even more impactful and sentimental.

The music video opens with a monochrome frame, showing member Jackson gazing out of the window. As the rapper makes his way towards the rest of the band members, the scene fills with bright hues, signifying that when GOT7 are together, the world seems brighter. The video is filled with clips of the band spending time together and the behind-the-scenes of the track’s recording process. Right before it ends, the group huddle together to send out a message of togetherness and optimism to their fans– “Us and the fans, we are one,” GOT7 declare, followed by a series of clips from the group’s concerts over the years. 

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“Encore” comes with a laid-back, pop-inspired melody, evoking nostalgia and contentment in the listener’s mind. With a strong acoustic guitar-drum duo, the group assure fans they plan to keep making music together, as highlighted in Mark’s verse, “Even though we can’t turn back time/ we can just continue doing it/ now, comfortably.”

In the wake of leaving JYP Entertainment, the members of GOT7 have shifted their focus to their solo careers for the moment–Jackson has announced four upcoming projects lined up for March and Mark has recently collaborated with EDM producer Sanjoy. Youngjae, Jinyoung and Yugyeom have announced their partnerships with Sublime Agency, BH Entertainment and AOMG respectively, while JB and BamBam have yet to choose new agencies. All the members have assured fans however that they will remain together as a group and release new music in the future.

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