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GOT7’s Mark Tuan Bares His Soul On the Latest Release ‘My Life’

The single follows the singer-songwriter’s November 2021 release ‘Last Breath’

Divyansha Dongre Jan 21, 2022

Singer-songwriter and GOT7 member Mark Tuan

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Singer-songwriter and GOT7 member Mark Tuan unveils the deepest layers of his consciousness in the latest single “My Life.” The track comes four months after the release of the vocalist’s first official solo single, “Last Breath.”

Post GOT7’s departure from JYP Entertainment last January, Tuan (who rose to fame as the group’s resident rapper) has been extensively exploring his capabilities as a singer, delivering vocal performances rich in character and soul. With “My Life,” the vocalist continues to stroll on the trajectory of truth, offering his listeners an honest look into his psyche- a theme we last saw Tuan explore in “Last Breath.” 

Co-written by the trio- Tuan, lilspirit and OVRCZ, “My Life” is a candid outlook on life, identity and everything in between. For a track as sentimental as this, Tuan relies on the complexities of rich, poignant piano melodies and melancholic synth sounds, fashioning a soulful ballad with an orchestral outro that will leave you in an influx of empathy and introspection. The single grounds itself in a stripped-down, minimalistic production that allows you to submerge your senses in Tuan’s silvery, emotive vocal performance, intensifying the sonic experience of the track.

Throughout the track, the singer seems conflicted between his true self and the ulterior version of himself he’s constructed over the years; “You say I seem okay when I’m sitting here with all my friends/ Easy to say when you’re looking from the outside in/ I’ll never change, loving myself is all pretend/ And I might never again.” Describing days where you put your emotions in the backseat, pretending everything around you is okay, “My Life” embodies what living life on autopilot feels like. It will either remind you of the times you’ve felt this way: “And every time that I felt hopеless/ I fucked myself up to keep on going/And I nеver realized/ That this is my life.”

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Directed by Tuan’s long-term collaborator and friend Will Chan, the music video holds an array of symbolisms, perfect for a track as introspective as “My Life.” Hinting at the track’s drive for truth and honesty, the music video opens with the artist laying on the ground with the word ‘Truth’ inked on his bicep, as he wistfully looks into the distance. 

The concluding frame is metaphorically driven with white paint seeping down Tuan’s arms. His bare skin coated with white paint, this frame could symbolize a fresh start, as the color white often resembles a clean slate. An alternative symbolism directs us towards the color’s negative connotations, suggesting how living life on autopilot has left Tuan in a chilling state of isolation. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone India, Tuan opened up about his artistry and what fans can expect from his debut solo album;  “It has been crazy working on my debut album. A lot of studio sessions, a lot of songs written, and a lot of thought going behind everything. Everyone can expect a very vulnerable Mark,” the 28-year old pop star revealed. 

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