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Run Pussy Run To Perform In Mumbai This Month

Gowri Jayakumar’s new band has its own brand of funk

Rolling Stone India Apr 15, 2014
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Run Pussy Run

Run Pussy Run

After performing as a solo artist since 2007 under various monikers including her acoustic project Kozmi Cow and Pulpy Shilpy that was a channel for her electronica leanings, Mumbai-based Gowri Jayakumar formed a four-member band two months ago. The band, which takes its name from “See The Pussy Run,” a track that Jayakumar wrote in 2011, includes pianist Behrooz Mihankhah, drummer Sumair Zubairy, bassist Anjo John and Jayakumar on guitar and vocals. Says Jayakumar, “I’ve always wanted a band, but not a backing band. One that could rearrange and have scope for working on the songs.”

While John and Jayakumar are based in Mumbai, the rest of the band members live in Pune ”“ which makes practice sessions difficult,  but so far, the musicians have made it work by meeting for marathon jam sessions that last two or three days at a time. Run Pussy Run draws from a collective range of influences including electronic, jazz and blues, but what they’re aiming for is “freak funk,” says Jayakumar. Mihankhah, who was born in Iran, recorded Persian classics as a teenager before beginning to compose songs that addressed political unrest. Zubairy is a graduate of Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, as are Mihankhah and Jayakumar. John plays bass and produces music for bands like the trip-hop outfit The Blot Thing, alternative electronic project Killer Fan and indie rock Eatshootleave.

Run Pussy Run band logo Artwork by Vaibhavi Kaushik

Run Pussy Run band logo
Artwork by Vaibhavi Kaushik

Having performed at Ragasthan 2014 and a few gigs after, the group currently has nine songs in its repertoire. Says Jayakumar, “You never know how it’s going to shape up when you’re playing live. The gigs have been really good, but we haven’t been able to consolidate all the work yet.” Tracks such as “Aunty Ko Kya Hua,” which includes spoken word, “Ezhu Murai” which is based on the old Indian concept of seven lives and “Kafir” which is a song of hermitage for non-believers and “Do Me Libby” which is a song to the temperamental goddess of libido, are some of Jayakumar’s tracks that the band will perform in Mumbai this month.

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Run Pussy Run will play at The Little Door, Mumbai on April 29th.
Entry: Free


 Run Pussy Run – Aunty Ko Kya Hua teaser

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