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Grammys 2022 Roundtable: Who’s Taking Home The Big Wins? (Part 1)

From rock to rap, alternative and R&B, check out our picks of who should win and who will win

Rolling Stone India Mar 31, 2022

(Clockwise from top left) Doja Cat, Foo Fighters, Arlo Parks and Silk Sonic's Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars. Photos: David LaChapelle (Doja), Danny Clinch (Foo Fighters), Alexandra Waespi (Parks), Courtesy of Atlantic Records (Silk Sonic)

While the Grammys have figured out the ceremony will be held on April 3rd, Rolling Stone India’s own David Britto (DB), Anurag Tagat (AT) and Amit Vaidya (AV) discuss this year’s nominees, the likely winners and who they wished in an ideal world would win. 

Are we going to see Olivia Rodrigo repeat what Billie Eilish did just two years back and win the Big Four categories? Will Kanye West finally get that Album Of The Year Grammy he’s longed for but never won since the start of his career? Does Doja Cat stand a chance in any category or will she be snubbed again like before? Should we just hand the award to Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga already? Is this Jon Batiste’s night? 

AV: Hey guys, so it’s another year at the Grammys. How are we feeling about it? 

DB:  It’s always exciting, hopefully there are a few surprises in store. 

AT: Apart from the usual cynicism about wanting more inclusivity and diversity, I think I’ve always diligently looked through the winners of every category, each year, without fail. Looking forward to running through it again.  

AV: Yeah, there’s already been drama before the show even starts with Drake removing his nominations and well, The Weeknd total snub from the year before is still looming over the award show. Now let’s keep in mind Adele is not in the running for “Easy On Me” or 30 because they released after the eligibility period. If she were in competition, I’m sure many of these categories would stack up differently!

So I’m going to get our take on a few of the competitive categories and then we’ll talk about the Big 4. First up is Best Rock Performance – for new vocal or instrumental solo, duo/group or collaboration. 

“Shot In The Dark”


“Know You Better (Live From Capitol Studio A)”

Black Pumas

“Nothing Compares 2 U”

Chris Cornell



“Making A Fire”

Foo Fighters

Who would you put your money on? 

DB: It’s hard to look past the Foo Fighters, “Making A Fire” was such a strong opening to their 10th album Medicine At Midnight. It’s catchy, filled with riffs, soaring vocals and of course unadulterated rock. 

AT: I love the Foos, Black Pumas were a great discovery. This is the first time in nearly 20 years that Deftones have gotten nominated. Chris Cornell records from the vault are incredible and AC/DC are still rocking it.

AV: I think this is Foo Fighters to lose. They are Grammy heavyweights at this point and I think there was a lot of love this year for Dave Grohl’s memoir so I think they’re going to win this. But who do you think should win? 

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DB: I really enjoyed Chris Cornell’s version of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” there’s so much character to the way he’s performed it. Would like to see him pick up the award. 

AT: I’d like for Deftones to win for “Ohms.” Incredible, powerful song and I think they deserve it after virtually no Grammy love for the last 20 years! Then again, Chris Cornell’s legacy remains one to be honored for all time.

AV: But it is a bit weird for Cornell to be there especially posthumously this many years later. I do think Deftones deserve some love so I’m going to go with them! 

Will Win: Chris Cornell (AT), Foo Fighters (DB, AV)

Should Win: Chris Cornell (DB), Deftones (AT, AV) 

AV: Okay next we’ve got Best Alternative Music Album, vocal or instrumental. 


Fleet Foxes

If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power



Japanese Breakfast

Collapsed In Sunbeams

Arlo Parks

Daddy’s Home

St. Vincent

Who takes home gold? 

AT: This is so tough because I loved all these albums. I think Halsey might win this one. Make that Halsey and Nine Inch Nails. 

DB: I’m leaning towards St. Vincent’s Daddy’s Home just because of how quirky, dynamic and alternative it is. 

AV: I’d love for Arlo Parks to win this but I have a feeling Parks and Japanese Breakfast are going to cancel each other out as both are new artists competitors this year too. Of the remaining, I think Halsey wins. She’s been snubbed for many years in pop so this may also be a way to acknowledge them at the Grammys. So who deserves it? 

AT: There was something so beautifully vulnerable about Arlo Parks’ album, so I think she ought to get it for Collapsed In Sunbeams.

DB: Halsey’s If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power is quite a powerful record, quite enjoyed how versatile it sounds. It’ll be interesting to see if this walks away with the win. 

AV: I’ve got to agree with Anurag here, I think Arlo Parks should win. 

Will Win: Halsey (AT, AV), St. Vincent (DB)

Should Win: Arlo Parks (AT, AV), Halsey (DB)

AV: Okay, next up is Best R&B Song which is a Songwriter(s) Award. A song is eligible if it was first released or if it first achieved prominence during the Eligibility Year.


Anthony Clemons Jr., Jeff Gitelman, H.E.R., Carl McCormick & Tiara Thomas, songwriters (H.E.R.)

“Good Days”

Jacob Collier, Carter Lang, Carlos Munoz, Solána Rowe & Christopher Ruelas, songwriters (SZA)

“Heartbreak Anniversary”

Giveon Evans, Maneesh, Sevn Thomas & Varren Wade, songwriters (Giveon)

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“Leave The Door Open”

Brandon Anderson, Christopher Brody Brown, Dernst Emile II & Bruno Mars, songwriters (Silk Sonic)

“Pick Up Your Feelings”

Denisia “Blue June” Andrews, Audra Mae Butts, Kyle Coleman, Brittany “Chi” Coney, Michael Holmes & Jazmine Sullivan, songwriters (Jazmine Sullivan)

Good choices, who will win? 

DB: For me it’s got to be “Leave The Door Open.” I don’t think I need to explain why. 

AT: Such incredible pairings here. Jacob Collier and SZA! Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars too. I’m leaning towards Silk Sonic for “Leave The Door Open” as well. 

AV: I mean lots of great songs here but knowing Grammys love especially for Bruno Mars the last few years, this is definitely going to Silk Sonic. And for once, I wouldn’t be mad. But who should win? 

DB: “Good Days” is a good shout, a very strong songwriting team behind this song, and they delivered too. 

AT: I’m gonna say it’s a toss up between SZA and H.E.R. But it would be a real, underdog kind of surprise to see Jazmine Sullivan take it home. 

AV: Lyrically, “Heartbreak Anniversary” for me is the winner. I mean Jazmine Sullivan too is right up there for me but I’ve got to give it to Giveon. 

Will Win: Silk Sonic (DB, AT, AV)

Should Win: SZA (DB), Jazmine Sullivan (AT), Giveon (AV)

AV: Now we have Best Melodic Rap Performance, for a solo or collaborative performance containing both elements of R&B melodies and Rap.

“Pride Is The Devil”

J. Cole Featuring Lil Baby

“Need To Know”

Doja Cat

“Industry Baby”

Lil Nas X Featuring Jack Harlow


Tyler, The Creator Featuring Youngboy Never Broke Again & Ty Dolla $ign


Kanye West Featuring The Weeknd & Lil Baby

Who takes home the gold? 

AT: Rap has easily become one of the toughest and most contentious categories at the Grammys. I think Lil Nas X is going to take this home and we’re gonna see Ye throw a fit online somewhere.

DB: Feel like “Hurricane” will take home this one, strong verses and production make this a banger. 

AV: I think Doja Cat is going to take this home. Sometimes being the only female nominated has its perks! Who do you think should win? 

AT: Doja Cat! That’ll be great for her. 

DB: Would like to see Doja Cat win, “Need To Know” has some strong beats while Doja Cat’s delivery and rhymes is sublime. 

AV: I think we all agree she should win! I happen to think she will! 

Will Win: Lil Nas X (AT), Kanye West (DB), Doja Cat (AV)

Should Win: Doja Cat (AT, DB, AV)

Stay tuned for part two!


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