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Gran Turismo 5

[Four stars]
Genre: Racing Simulation
Price: PS3 (Rs 2499)

Rolling Stone IN Feb 11, 2011

There are games and there are games that have people on the tenterhooks of anticipation. Gran Turismo is the latter, even more so, because every self-respecting racing fan worth his or her salt has been waiting for Sony’s showcase driving simulation for almost 5 years.

Created by Polyphony Digital, a development studio that has a racing track in their backyard, it’s no surprise that GT5 is extremely accurate compared to anything else around. Every aspect of the cars handle just as they should in real-life. From the growling of engines all the way down to gear and peddle sensitivity this is one for the car purists and rightly so. With every car from the Swift all the way up to the Nissan GT-R the one thing GT5 doesn’t lack are cars.

And yes, it’s extremely excruciating to wait for one hour for the game to install itself onto your PS3’s hard drive (more if you include the updates for the game that require downloading) coasting down Nürburgring at 180 miles an hour in a BMW Z5 makes it worth all the while. So if you like your racing games and want something as close to the real thing as possible, you can’t go wrong with GT5. A word of advice though, for a seamless experience keep around 10GB of your PS3’s hard drive free as the game continues to install data as you play along.

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