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Green Day

[Three and a half stars]
Awesome as Fuck

David Fricke Apr 05, 2011

Well, that’s Walmart out of the way. But the title says a lot about the tongue-tied delight of a great rock show, and Green Day played plenty of ’em on their last tour. This set is a contagious account of the power-fun streak that still runs through the band even after the two punk operas. There is ancient mayhem from 1990’s 39/Smooth and ’91’s Kerplunk as well as a new grenade, ”˜Cigarettes and Valentines.’ Billie Joe Armstrong thoroughly enjoys his spotlight: shouting, cursing and letting audiences take whole verses of ”˜American Idiot’ and ”˜Good Riddance.’ And drummer Tré Cool is way up in the mix, channelling the Clash’s Topper Headon and the Who’s Keith Moon with precise demonic glee.

Key Tracks: ”˜Cigarettes and Valentines,’ ”˜East Jesus Nowhere’

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