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Gucci Singh Revives Crazy Weather

The Them Clones guitarist releases single and plots album for his side project

rsiwebadmin Jul 26, 2012
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Gucci Singh

When he’s not playing with Delhi-based alt rock band Them Clones, guitarist Gucci Singh steps into his bedroom studio space to write guitar-driven rock and funk compositons for his side project Crazy Weather that  started out of Singh’s need to voice ideas that didn’t make it to the Them Clones recordings. “Crazy Weather grew from a handful of songs I’d been writing for years, which were fairly different from what I would write for the Clones. Crazy Weather leans towards shades of metal, funk and progressive that is different from the Clones prog/alt rock sound. Plus I wanted to sing,” says Singh.

Even though Singh started Crazy Weather four years ago, the band performed their debut gig only in July this year at the Clonefest Sound Check Series in Delhi. The reason is the consistent lineup change. “Nobody stayed long enough to see a gig through. People would join, jam for a while and then leave,” says Singh, “I got busy writing new material for Them Clones and Crazy Weather as well, so I didn’t follow up on it pro-actively either. But these last two months have changed things around.” The band’s current line-up includes former metal band Tearcube’s drummer Daniel Rajan and fusion rock act Trademark’s bassist Arpan Guhathakurta.

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Crazy Weather are currently writing their debut album and recently released their new single, “Scheme of Things,” on SoundCloud. “We have

Clockwise from top: Daniel Rajan, Singh and Arpan Guhathakurta

already put down eight songs that we will release periodically. We haven’t fixed a timeline for the release yet, but are focusing on getting more gigs where we fill feature more musicians in our sets,” says Singh. Even though most of Crazy Weather’s music can be pulled off by a three-piece outfit, it’s for tracks with more complex arrangements like “Automatic” that would need more than three musicians to pitch in. “That’s [“Automatic”] a heavily sampled track and we are thinking of bringing a DJ/programmer on board for our gigs,” says Singh.

Listen to Crazy Weather here

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