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Gujarati Series ‘Vitthal Teedi’ Offers Enchanting Folk Soundtrack

Composers Kedar Upadhyay and Bhargav Purohit also dip into rock territory on the lead track ‘Vitthal Vitthal,’ sung by Aditya Gadhvi

Rolling Stone India May 18, 2021

Vocalist Aditya Gadhvi in the video for 'Vitthal Vitthal' from OHO Gujarati's new series 'Vitthal Teedi.'

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Set in the Eighties in rural and small-town Saurashtra in Gujarat, web series Vitthal Teedi lays down the story of an expert gambler and his rise to becoming the best, with all the high stakes in tow.

Directed by Abhishek Jain and streaming on Gujarati streaming platform OHO Gujarati, the show stars Pratik Gandhi –  one of the latest emergent names in the screen world following his lead role in Scam 1992, the crime/drama biopic based on stockbroker Harshad Mehta. While the trailer shows the life and times of Vitthal Tripathi – a non-smoking, teetotaler whose major vice goes from playing cards for fun to gambling for keeps – the accompanying music and lyrics bring together composer Kedar Upadhyay and lyricist, singer, director and writer Bhargav Purohit.

Purohit helms screenplay and dialog on Vitthal Teedi along with lyrics and on the four-song soundtrack that has accompanied the series’ release, we hear eclectic, even-tempered folk elements meet cinematic songwriting. The lead track “Vitthal Vitthal” is suitably high-energy and loud, led by singer Aditya Gadhvi’s fast-paced delivery and blazing guitar work from Parth Dhupkar. The rest of the soundtrack is markedly different in tempo and mood, with more languid guitars and slow-built rhythms for “Beni Ho,” featuring singer Geeta Rabari and sarangi work by Vanraj Shastri. Also progressing at a dessert folk cadence is “Sadho,” the wisdom spouting song helmed by Purohit himself, featuring arrangement and programming by Kushal Chokshi. While that comes across as an almost spiritual hymn, “Jaani Jaani” has all the makings of a typical cinema song, with flute, string arrangements that swell melodramatically until they soften, introducing the vocals of Jigardan Gadhavi.

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Stream ‘Vitthal Teedi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ below.

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