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Gunna, Future and Young Thug Drop Cash at a Strip Club in ‘Pushin P’ Video

Alliterative track appears on recently released ‘DS4EVER’

Tomás Mier Jan 13, 2022
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GunnaFuture and Young Thug party it up and show off their lavish lifestyles in the music video for “Pushing P,” one of the standout tracks from Gunna’s DS4EVER album, which dropped last Friday.

The music video starts with candid moments of the three rap stars dropping the phrase “pushing P” — a phrase Gunna coined, which means to stay real. (The P stands for “player.”)

“Leaving your partners out the loop? That ain’t P. You see what I’m saying,” Gunna explained in a video posted to Twitter, before adding, “We ain’t on that. We on P shit! We pushing P.”

In the video, the three rappers push P as they board private jets, try on jewelry, buy out luxury stores with beautiful women, and drop handfuls of cash at a strip club.

“Three Ps, pop pourin’ Porsches/I just fucked a cup of water,” Young Thug raps on the track filled with similar alliteration. “Pushin’ P, red bandana, Cardinals/I’ma peel you out yo’ whole endorsement.”

Fans anticipated to see a track titled “P Power,” a song with Drake on Gunna’s latest album, but it never made it on the final version of the record.

From Rolling Stone US.

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