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Gurugram Artist Aashna Sings of Childhood Innocence and Unrequited Love On ‘Little Earth’

The musician is currently pursuing a course in songwriting at Boston’s Berklee College of Music

David Britto Jun 30, 2021

Gurugram-bred singer-songwriter Aashna. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Gurugram-bred singer-songwriter Aashna Gupta – who goes by her first name – began releasing music only a year ago. With two singles already under her belt, she’s now back with a charming and affectionate ballad entitled “Little Earth.”

While Aashna recalls being musically inclined since she was a toddler, she taps into those early years on her latest offering. Speaking about “Little Earth,” she says, “I fell for my best friend in eighth grade. She was my first real love and made me realize that I was bisexual.” The singer-songwriter realized that there are many kids around that age that go through similar discoveries about themselves. Aashna adds, “The stigma around sexuality makes it an ‘adult’ topic, leaving LGBT children unsupported and lost. Queer kids go through the same adolescent love and heartbreak we all do.” Through her lyrics, Aashna conveys her feelings and shows people that they’re not alone. “For those heartbroken kids, I wrote the line, “when I gave too much, she gave up,” she says.

Sonically, the track is a soft pop song with gentle vocals aided by guitars and keys as well as a ukulele that adds rhythmic and harmonic support to the drums and bass. The recording sessions were split between Gurugram’s Red Velvet Recording Room and at Aashna’s home studio. The singer-songwriter produced the song along with Aashish Mandhwani, who also mixed and mastered it.

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At the moment Aashna is majoring in Songwriting and minoring in Private Studio Teaching from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. “I also took a course on Jingle Writing, which I want to pursue. I plan to take Songwriting for Film and TV and Writing Music for Children as well,” she says. With work on her debut EP already in full swing, Aashna says, “My goal in my music is to not just spread awareness about social and environmental issues, but also to express myself creatively in a way that can inspire individuals from all different facets in life to do the same.”

Stream “Little Earth on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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