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Gutslit Begin Auditions for New Vocalist with New Single ‘Scaphism’

The Mumbai brutal death metal band’s first release in three years talks about torture devices and techniques

Anurag Tagat Feb 04, 2016
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Gutslit in 2015. Photo: Aabhishek Mikael Gunaratnam

Gutslit in 2015. Photo: Aabhishek Mikael Gunaratnam

When most bands stop to catch their breath amidst a lineup change, others are more than ready to power on to the next step. Last month, when Mumbai’s brutal death metallers Gutslit parted ways with vocalist Aditya Barve over the latter’s commitment to his career, bassist and founding member Gurdip Singh Narang said that they would carry on undeterred. “We don’t want to sit down or take a break right now,” the bassist told us in an earlier interview.

Narang added how the band was “like a company” and looking for a new vocalist via online auditions was the “professional way of going ahead.” Gutslit has now released their first new material, a single called “Scaphism” that has been a part of their live sets for nearly a year now. The single is part of their upcoming album which is centred on torture devices and techniques. For those who can keep their stomach down, here’s what Scaphism details.

“Scaphism” is up for free download, as an open invitation to vocalists from all over the world to write lyrics and put their growls to the test for Gutslit until February 29th. Vocalists must cover the song and send it to Gutslit via email. Narang explains the guidelines, “We will not be judging you if you can or cannot do certain patterns or styles. Grunts, growls, highs, lows, squeals or even clean — show us what you got. If you can write lyrics, it’s an added bonus.”

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The bassist adds that they will pick a vocalist who has an idea of death metal, grindcore, goregrind and deathgrind. While the track itself, written by guitarist Prateek Rajagopal, features modern death metal leanings, Gutslit’s new album looks like it will remain in the grind and death metal realm.

And to be certain they won’t run into the same predicament again, the band states that they “would appreciate an individual who has his/her professional life in place too. Be it a full time musician or part-time.”

Listen to “Scaphism”.

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