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Members of Gutslit, Godless and Devoid Form Grind/Death Metal Band Hollow Point, Release First Single ‘FUBAR’

Vocalist Arun Iyer leads the charge with bassist Gurdip Singh Narang, drummer Aaron Pinto and guitarist Abbas Razvi

Anurag Tagat Jun 18, 2020

Mumbai/Hyderabad grind/death metal band Hollow Point. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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In the past three months of India going into lockdown in an attempt to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, a new metal project finally came to fruition. Hollow Point, who released their debut song “FUBAR” today, comprises Mumbai brutal death metal band Gutslit’s bassist Gurdip Singh Narang and drummer Aaron Pinto, Hyderabad metallers Godless’ Abbas Razvi (who takes on guitar duties with this project) and recently reunited metallers Devoid’s vocalist-guitarist Arun Iyer.

Narang and Razvi had plans to form a band for over a year, while Iyer and Razvi were also keen to start a new project. “All this happened during the quarantine. The discussion regarding the band happened one evening and before the end of the night we had ‘FUBAR’ in our hands. It’s like this urge to write and come together as a force to reckon with,” Narang says.

Just shy of two minutes, “FUBAR” takes a stern gaze at India’s current socio-political climate, with Iyer arriving at a conviction-filled conclusion that “we are never too late to start building from nothing.” Iyer says, “Hollow Point is designed to go straight for the kill.” The band, working remotely, has written for two songs and there’s a total of four tracks being prepped at the moment. The vocalist says about his process, “I listen to the song and just log on to the internet and let the disgust, anger, helplessness and at rare times gratitude and empathy let flow into the words. We just want to show a mirror to our countrymen.”

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Pinto adds, “For the time being, we will stick to this setup and once things open up and we have enough material, we will get music recorded for the EP or the album with live drums and studio tracking of all instruments.”

Watch the lyric video for “FUBAR” below. Get the song on Bandcamp.

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