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Gutslit Part Ways with Vocalist Aditya Barve

The Mumbai-based brutal death metal band play their last gig with their frontman in Pune this weekend

Rolling Stone India Jan 08, 2016
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(left) Gutslit vocalist Aditya Barve live at Control Alt Delete: The Metal Chapter in 2014. Photo: Prashin Jagger

After five years together, Mumbai brutal death metal band Gutslit announced that vocalist Aditya Barve will leave to concentrate on a fulltime job. Twenty four-year-old Barve, one of the best death metal vocalists in the country who contributed to their 2013 album Skewered in the Sewer, says he will take a break from the metal scene to “get settled” in his job in digital media. Barve adds, “I feel like I was coming in the way of the band. If I’m not putting my 100 percent, it doesn’t make sense.”

While Barve received a send-off at their Mumbai gig at Hard Rock Café last month, his final gig with Gutslit comes on January 9th, as part of Reverse Scenario, alongside the likes of Delhi groove/tech metallers Undying Inc and Thiruvananthapuram thrash metal band Chaos. Gutslit founding member and bassist Gurdip Singh Narang says the issue of Barve continuing with the band had been discussed for nearly a year. Narang says, “He [Barve] just needs to sort everything out. He asked for time, but we thought that’s not possible. We don’t want to take a break right now.”

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Gutslit are nearly finished with their new single “Scaphism,” recorded at Mind Map studios with producer/bassist Ashwin Shriyan [from extreme metal band Demonic Resurrection] and plan to release it without vocals this month. The audition process involves an open invitation to anyone who wants to cover the song. Narang adds, “Whoever is interested has to work out a concept, write the lyrics and arrange the vocals. There are no guidelines; we’re not looking for a certain kind of vocalist.” They plan to pick a new vocalist by end of February.

Not ones to slow down, the band have already commissioned artwork for their next album and guitarist Prateek Rajagopal has finished writing six songs including “Blood Eagle” and “Neck Tie Party.” Narang says the new album’s title will be revealed in March. “This is going to be the new Gutslit,” he says. The bassist is not sparing of Barve’s decision either. He says, “I feel like throwing him [Barve] off the stage sometimes. This decision would affect our friendship. You have so many memories together and it shows what you are on and off the stage. You’re giving up on three other musicians. It’s not fair, but in time, we’ll be okay.”

Barve says the last few gigs have been emotional. “I’ve been hearing a few taunts, but I’ve got to do what I gotta do.” Although Narang speculates that Gutslit could have a new frontman outside of India, Barve is confident that there are enough vocalists in the country who can do the job. As for his plans, he says it might take years until he returns to being in a metal band. He adds, “I practice a lot of other vocal styles as well. I might put up some covers later and see how it goes.”

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Gutslit performs at Reverse Scenario at Classic Rock Coffee Co., Pune on January 9th, 2016. Event details here.

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