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Gutslit Plot Europe Launch Tour for New Album ‘Amputheatre’

The Mumbai/Bengaluru brutal death metallers will head out on their second international tour, playing 15 shows, covering over 5,000 kilometres with their second full-length release

Anurag Tagat Aug 14, 2017

Gutslit - (from left) Gurdip Singh Narang, Kaushal L.S., Aaron Pinto and Prateek Rajagopal. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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For their upcoming weeks-long Europe sojourn, brutal death metal band Gutslit’s bassist and co-founder Gurdip Singh Narang says he’s going to keep an eye on everyone in his band. He says, “I’m like the mother in the band. I need to ensure the boys are all healthy and well to belt out the tracks every day.”

Gutslit ”“ who have just announced pre-orders for their second album Amputheatre ”“ are performing at festivals and club shows between August 24th and September 8th spanning eight countries across Europe as part of their Brutal Grooves Grinding Moves tour. They’ll be joined by death metallers such as Germany’s Stillbirth, American act Splattered and Colombian band Carnivore Diprosopus.

The bands ”“ who toured together in 2015 as well (with the exception of Carnivore Diprosopus) ”“ began plotting out the tour with a focus on fewer festivals and more “independent shows.” Narang adds, “Having played [festivals such as] Brutal Assault and Obscene Extreme, we had to try a different set of dates.” Major part of the tour was booked and put together with help from Stillbirth frontman Lukas Swiaczny, who also runs three-day German festival Deathfeast Open Air. Gutslit will officially release Amputheatre at the festival to kick things off on August 24th. Narang says about the tour lineup, “It’s like being with a crazy family. So much love, brotherhood and fun. It’s way beyond epic.”

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With 2015’s Europe tour experience already under their belt, Narang says they’ve learned a lot about what to expect from playing in new countries, both good and bad. While the positives include finding out how bands juggle day jobs with gigging, Narang notes that he has encountered racism on the road. “They think I’m Muslim and [the worst is] their general hatred towards Islam or any religion whatsoever. That’s when you get scared in a foreign land. We’ve felt unwanted or not welcomed at times, but the other bands and their band mates have been excellent company all along. It’s really an experience to live,” the bassist says.

Barring that, Gutslit seem to have got the economics of touring internationally down well, to the extent that Narang says they’ll see “money coming in from every single show.” He adds, “All without any label or tour agency helping us.” The band have four different setlists prepared for the tour, picking songs off Skewered In The Sewer and the nine-track Amputheatre, which will release in India in October via Transcending Obscurity India.

Amputheatre is their first release with Bengaluru-based vocalist Kaushal L.S., who’s already on a nonstop India tour with Hyderabad death metallers Godless this month. For his first ever Europe tour, Narang jokes that he’s advised Kaushal to carry “extra underwear and socks,” adding that their vocalist is low on demands. “I just want him to rest his throat enough between shows and sleep well,” Narang says.

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Following their launch of Amputheatre, there are plans shaping up to tour India as well, by November, with shows in Guwahati (at annual rock/metal gathering Fireball on November 19th) and Kolkata (at day-long gig Bengal Metal Project on November 5th) already confirmed. Narang adds, “We’re just working on the final lot to announce the album tour in India.”

Hear their new single “Brazen Bull.” Pre-order Amputheatre here. (MP3) and here (CD).

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