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Guwahati Singer-Songwriter Priyanka Nath Releases Delicate EP ‘Escape’

The two-track record follows the musician’s 2020 debut single ‘Unexpected’

David Britto Dec 15, 2020

Guwahati singer-songwriter Priyanka Nath. Photo: nomorekillsplz

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Although singer-songwriter Priyanka Nath spent her early years in Mumbai, the musician moved cities quite a bit. Hailing from Guwahati, Nath also had stints in Kolkata, New Delhi and Bengaluru, she’s now settled in Hyderabad. The 22-year-old artist says, “I had the opportunity to befriend people from varied cultures and languages.” However, what stayed constant in her life was music. While Nath is also an accomplished athlete and dancer, she’s even dipped her toes into modeling and theater before soon realizing her passion was music.

Nath says, “The lockdown brought me closer to family and music.” During this time, the artist started a YouTube channel and even began writing songs. “Songwriting became a cathartic process for me that I began enjoying,” she says. Earlier this year, she released her first-ever single “Unexpected” and is now out with her debut two-track EP titled Escape.

The songs on Escape include the groovy and melodic “Temptations” and the acoustic leaning and dreamy “Let’s Sail Away Tonight.” While the EP features a very relaxed sonic imprint and Nath’s beautifully sounding soft and sensitive vocals, she says, “It strongly takes influence from my imagination of running away from reality.” The singer-songwriter adds, “My fears and worries of the present and future led me into a world where I could forget about them all and enjoy the tranquility of my surroundings.” Escape was recorded and produced by Nath in her bedroom studio.

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During the pandemic, Nath had days when she would feel very optimistic about her future while on other days she’d be filled with fear and anxiety. The artist says, “Most importantly, during this lockdown period, I’ve learned to stay and tolerate the darkest sides of my mind. I’ve come to realize that with time, it too, passes.” She has also already begun working on music for her next EP and Nath even wants to pen a multilingual track for 2021. “More than wanting to break cultural barriers, I want to unite cultures through my music,” says the singer-songwriter. 

Stream ‘Escape’ on Spotify below:

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