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Gwen Fernandes Debuts with Soulful Single ‘Almosts & Maybes’

The Mumbai-based singer-songwriter has also stitched together an elegant video to go with the song

David Britto Oct 25, 2021

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Gwen Fernandes. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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While growing up at home with her saxophonist grandfather and die-hard Lorna Cordeiro fan in her dad, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Gwen Fernandes was always fascinated with the arts. With a Christmas record titled The Best Christmas Ever released last year, Fernandes is now out with her debut single in the shape of the soulful “Almosts & Maybes.”

The artist admits that when it comes to songwriting she has to push herself. She says, “I wasn’t very confident and I’m not much of a writer, but I started journaling.” That journaling is what helped Fernandes carve out her new track after finding herself navigating through an “almost relationship.” Talking about the song’s lyrical content, the singer-songwriter adds, “When you’re in the circle, you don’t realize what’s going on. But when I got out of it, then you look at it from the outside and you realize, ‘That was really toxic.’”

“Almosts & Maybes” leans towards R&B and soul music that includes heavenly piano parts, a controlled groove as well as production embellishments. However, Fernandes’ honeyed vocals wrapped in dynamism, range and melodic intricacies steal the show. The artist worked with musician and producer Garth D’mello on the track and recorded her vocals at Mumbai’s Hilltop Studios. The song has been mixed and mastered by Abhishek Ghatak.

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Fernandes has also released a chic black and white music video that she storyboarded and edited. In the clip – shot by her brother Marcelo Fernandes – the singer-songwriter is seen performing the song in a room as she delivers an emotional onscreen display. “It was freewheeling honestly, I told Marcelo to just take a slow-motion of me tying my hair and I’ll put that into the song somewhere and then it worked out somehow.”

Apart from her own music, Fernandes also teaches vocals and piano. Looking ahead, the singer-songwriter plans to work on more music and is currently already cooking up her next release. She says, “People always ask me when I’m going to release an album and I say an album is going to take some time [laughs]. So right now, I’m working on singles.”  

Watch the music video for “Almosts & Maybes” below and stream the song on other platforms.

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