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Hacride Returns To Tour India

The French metal band will play a four-city tour as part of the third edition of Deccan Rock

Anurag Tagat May 28, 2013
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French metal band Hacride. Photo: Thibault Chaumont

French metal band Hacride. Photo: Thibault Chaumont

The last time French metal band Hacride were in India, they were between connecting flights from Goa [where they were slated to perform at the Indian Music Conference 2010] and Paris. Following the cancellation of IMC, Hacride were asked to play an impromptu gig at B69 in Andheri, Mumbai. “What better way to wait for a plane than playing a good show,” says new vocalist Luiss Roux, who joined the band in 2012 with drummer Florent Marcadet. The band returns for a second time, with a much more structured, four-city tour starting June 8th in Hyderabad, alongside Maldivian heavy metal band Nothnegal. 

The tour is part of the third edition of Deccan Rock, which has now shifted from its festival format to indoor clubs in the country. International metal acts such as Sweden’s Amon Amarth, Netherlands’ Textures, Poland’s Decapitated and Swiss band, Sybreed have performed at the previous editions of Deccan Rock. Now, in this three-city club edition, metal fans in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Nasik get to attend the 2013 edition of Deccan Rock. Guitar and drum workshops by Hacride’s Adrien Grousset and Florent Marcadet are also planned in Hyderabad and Mumbai and an additional gig in Kolkata as part of The Festival, which featured Finnish rockers Poets Of The Fall last year, has been added to their tour diary.

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Hacride is promoting their fourth full-length album, Back T o Where You’ve Never Been, released in April, as part of the India tour. The album comes four years after 2009’s Amoeba, and features Roux and Marcadet debuting. While Roux says other commitments outside of music stalled the album, he adds “I think it just happened that way because the band needed to take some time off. It’s definitely not good to wait four years in between records in this day and age”¦ Bands need to release a new album every year or year and a half nowadays because it’s necessary to keep a certain regularity of communication.”

The band was also recently added to the lineup of the ninth edition of German metal festival Euroblast [where Delhi prog metallers Skyharbor played last year], which takes place in October this year. As for their India tour, Hacride will play a mix of old and new songs. “It’s impossible to do a Hacride show without playing “My Enemy” or “On the Threshold of Death,” adds Roux. 

Hacride India Tour

June 7th – Guitar and Drum Workshop at Full Volume, Hyderabad

June 8th – 10 Sports Bar, Hyderabad, with Skrypt, Nothnegal, Perpetual Void.

June 11th – Guitar and Drum Workshop and Fan Meet at Furtados Store, Mumbai 

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June 12th – Niwec, Nasik

June 13th – Club Escape, Mumbai with Nothnegal

June 15th – The Festival at Nazrul Manch, Kolkata, with Point Of View, Nothnegal


Watch the trailer for Hacride’s India tour here: 


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