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Halahkuh To Release Debut EP

The Pune thrash/death metal act will play in Nashik today

Anurag Tagat Feb 07, 2013
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Halahkuh. Photo: Untitled Artworks


Even before vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar had decided to quit Delhi tech/groove metal band Undying Inc, Halahkuh vocalist/bassist Prakhar Soni had met him to discuss plans of lending his growl to the Pune thrash/death metal band’s song “Sacrilege,” the older version of which was released online last January and will be featured on their upcoming EP Desecration. The four-track EP is due to release on February 9th, at the day-long Entombed Metal Fest in Pune.

“It was very random [to get Bhatnagar to sing], because Prakhar and I were just sitting down and listening to a mix of ”˜Sacrilege’ and decided Shashank would definitely enhance the song. Unlike the version we released last year, this one has dual vocals,” says guitarist Subhrajyoti Sarkar. In addition to “Sacrilege,” Desecration also features a newer version of the 2012 track “Possessed, Strangulated and Enslaved” and a new song “In Extremis.”

Sarkar says the reason for redoing the songs was the band’s lineup change in October 2012, with lead guitarist Chinmay Bokil and drummer Arjun Menon joining the band. “Luckily, they were friends who had sat in on jams with the previous lineup and knew the songs,” says Sarkar. Plans to release the new EP, which has been produced by Pune tech metal band Noiseware’s guitarist Adhiraj Singh, began around the same time as the lineup change.

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Prior the album launch gig, the band is heading to Nashik, to perform alongside groove metal band Zygnema on February 7th. Sarkar says the band will unofficially release and sell copies of Desecration at the gig. Halahkuh will play a mixed set of old and new songs such as “Brimstone Beckoning” and “In Extremis.”

Desecration EP tracklist:

1. “Ordeal (Intro)”

2. “Possessed, Strangulated and Enslaved”

3. “Sacrilege” [featuring Shashank Bhatnagar]

4. “In Extremis”

Halahkuh play with Zygnema, Diabolic Lords and Sense of Tumour at Vrindavan Lawns, Nashik on February 7th, 2013. Entry Rs 250. Event details here.

Entombed Metal Fest Volume II featuring Halahkuh, Dark Helm, Grimmortal, Acrimony, Therefore Play and Soul Society at Hotel Elite Ambience, Pune on February 9th, 2013. Entry Rs 200. Event details here.

Listen to a teaser from Desecration EP here

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