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Hanita Bhambri Overcomes Her Fears on New Song ‘Dive’

The New Delhi singer-songwriter teams up once again with producer Miti Adhikari

Anurag Tagat Apr 26, 2020

Hanita Bhambri has released her new song 'Dive.' Photo: Deeksha Rathore

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If you’re not already familiar with New Delhi singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri, it’s safe to say her distinction lies in openhearted and deeply intense songs. Bhambri’s latest is a string section-aided, harmony deep song called “Dive” which lives right up to her ability to put vulnerabilities down on record.

In a social media post accompanying the release, Bhambri shared a poignant, metaphor-heavy story about how she drowned when she was seven years old. “I remember gasping for air. I remember tiny bubbles of air floating away from me. I remember shaking with fear. I swore I’d never go near water again. And for as long as I can remember I have loved beaches but I would only enjoy them from afar,” the artist said.

There was change, however. Bhambri says she began taking swimming lessons last year and has now “managed to stay afloat.” She connects her story to feelings of hurt, fear and acceptance to being loved. In her dramatic voice, she declares love right at the start of “Dive,” promising companionship and at other times, awaiting longingly. The artist adds in a press statement, “It’s extremely fitting during this time of quarantine where physical distance between people, and those in love has grown even more.”

Produced by ace engineer Miti Adhikari (who’s previously worked with everyone from Coldplay to Foo Fighters, plus Indian artists like The Supersonics, Parekh & Singh and The Ganesh Talkies), “Dive” follows Bhambri’s  singles “Chehra” (from 2018) and “Bored as Fuck,” which released in February.

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Listen to “Dive” below and on more streaming platforms here.

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