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Haq Se Hindustan Concert is Here: 10 Hip-Hop Acts From 7 Cities Performing in 9 Languages

The Mumbai show on November 14th will feature Prabh Deep, Swadesi + Bandish Projekt, Dopeadelicz, Khasi Bloodz and more

Jessica Xalxo Oct 31, 2019

Hindustan will see India’s most talented rappers, MCs, crews and bands unite to celebrate Indian hip-hop

We believe India’s diverse hip-hop voices deserve a common stage. To that end, we are happy to announce Haq Se Hindustan, a truly representative concert featuring 10 acts from 7 cities performing in 9 languages, to be held on Thursday, November 14th at Mumbai’s Famous Studios. Presented by digital media firm Qyuki and Rolling Stone India, Haq Se Hindustan marks the the first time this spectrum of talent, which includes some of India’s most talented rappers, MCs, crews and bands, will be sharing a common stage.

Part of #HaqSeHipHop, a unique multi-platform hip-hop property, the Haq Se Hindustan concert will bring together artists from all parts of the country — the north, south, west, east and north-east. Says Nirmika Singh, Executive Editor, Rolling Stone India, “There’s no denying India is witnessing a mini-revolution in hip-hop — the established artists are consolidating their influence while the emerging talent is claiming their part. However, there’s so much more to Indian hip-hop than what we have seen so far, and with Haq Se Hindustan we hope to present the incredible multi-cultural expressions India has to offer across all five elements in hip-hop: from rapping, b-boying, beatboxing, Djing and graffiti.”

Hindustan’s eclectic lineup comprises New Delhi rapper Prabh Deep, Shillong hip-hop crew Khasi Bloodz, Mumbai multilingual social rap crew Swadesi and Ahmedabad electronic producer Mayur Narvekar aka Bandish Projekt, Bengaluru-based Kannada rapper Karthik Sundar aka Gubbi, Mumbai rap crew Dopeadelicz, Chandigarh rapper MC Manmeet Kaur, Mumbai freestyle rapper MC Heam, Amravati rap crew RAPHOPpER, Mumbai’s The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP) and graffiti artist Prathmesh Gurav aka Zake. 

Samir Bangara, Co-Founder & MD, Qyuki, says, “The beauty of Indian hip-hop can be best witnessed in its linguistic and regional diversity. With Haq Se Hindustan, which is the live leg of our newly launched property #HaqSeHipHop, we want to bring as many voices into the spotlight as possible. The message is clear: hip-hop belongs to everyone. Hip-hop humara hai.”

Prabh Deep (above) and Swadesi + Bandish Projekt (below) will be performing at Hindustan. Photo (top to bottom): Rahul Irani; Courtesy of artist

Prabh Deep is the breakout underground rapper whose verses have long reflected the struggles of his neighbourhood and the country at large. Taking to verse about drug addiction, unemployment, mental health and more, the rapper’s breakout debut album Class-Sikh (2017) made a sizable dent in Indian hip-hop, landing him on Rolling Stone India’s 2017 (Hip-Hop Artist) Hot List. Comprising rappers Donbok Kharkongor aka D-Bok, Ritik Roy Malngiang aka Big Ri and Lamonte Pakyntein aka D-Mon, Khasi Bloodz won the MTV EMA award for the Best India Act in 2018. The hip-hop group’s bars on brotherhood, social justice, peace and more have struck a chord across the country.

Khasi Bloodz and MC Manmeet Kaur will showcase their sets at Hindustan. Photo: Courtesy of artists

Swadesi, consisting of MCs Aklesh Sutar aka Mawali, Dharmesh Parmar aka Tod Fod, Saurabh Abhyankar aka 100RBH, Yash Mahida aka Maharya, graffiti artist Robston Soares aka Lobster and Producer/DJ Tushar Adhav aka BamBoy, are known for walking their talk. The six member crew have been vital and vocal proponents of tribal and environmental rights, the farmer’s movement, corruption and more, becoming important voices of dissent and reason in both music and advocacy. The group will be joined by Bandish Projekt known for his sonic hybrid of traditional folk sounds and electronica (2016’s Katal Kalaa and 2019’s Khulle Naagde featured Swadesi).

Gubbi raps in Kannada, English and German, first rising to prominence with his 2012 single “Mungaru.” Known for fusing facets of Kannada literature in his bars, the rapper makes waves with his lyrics. Dopeadelicz, consisting of rappers Agnel Avinash Benson aka Ben Z, Rajesh Radhakrishnan aka RAC, Tony Sebastian aka Stony Psyko and Jhonny Fernando aka BiG $mokE, are known for tackling issues that brush against imposed morality. Their breakout single “Aai Shapath Saheb Me Navtho” and 2015’s “Legalise it” dealt with the usage of weed and its judicial and social perceptions.

Gubbi, Dopeadelicz and MC Heam are coming to Hindustan. Photo (from left to right): Nithin Narayanan; Courtesy of artists

MC Manmeet Kaur is one of India’s pioneering female rappers. Known for 2014’s Hip-Hop Bahu and 2018’s Neophilia, the MC’s socio-conscious rap takes on the patriarchy, stereotypes, idols and more. MC Heam recently found mainstream acclaim during his stint on MTV’s Hustle but the freestyle rapper has been rapping for over a decade, having belted bars on both 2019’s “Marvel Anthem” and the “Jai Hindi India” 2018 Hockey World Cup anthem. He’s been making waves for his yet unreleased “Launda Tha Yeh Befikar” and 2019’s “Bahut Soft.” Heam is one of the instructors at TDDP — Asia’s afterschool of hip-hop based in Dharavi. Comprising rappers, beatboxers, DJs, graffiti artists and breakdancers, the crew from the afterschool of hip-hop will bring their set to #HaqSeHindustan. 

TDDP The Dharavi Dream Project

The crews from The Dharavi Dream Project (above) and RAPHOPpER will be performing at Hindustan. Photo: Courtesy of artists.


Also on the lineup are RAPHOPpER and Zake. Consisting of MCs Anuraag Khairkar aka Khaer, 100 R.B.H and Darpan Nandeshwar aka Jamdaar, RAPHOPpER is known for taking on societal issues with their spitfire verses. Zake blends the local with the global, taking his influences from the streets of Mumbai to India and the world. The graffiti artist is known for his use of Indian scripts and has made a mark with people, brands and festivals, becoming the go-to artist for street art. 

Zake will bring his art to Hindustan. Photo: Courtesy of artist

Over the span of almost two decades, Indian hip-hop has grown to become both a movement and a force to be reckoned with. Since the early days of hip-hop’s rise in the country, Rolling Stone India and digital media firm Qyuki have been both supporters and stakeholders in India’s hip-hop ecosystem and with #HaqSeHipHop, we now set out to give the diverse hip-hop voices in the country a definitive mouthpiece they can claim as their own. 

Witness the best of Indian hip-hop on one stage. Witness Hindustan. 

Hindustan takes place at the Famous Studios in Mumbai on Nov 14th at 5.30 pm. Tickets are priced between 299 to 499 rupees. Book them here


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