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#HaqSeHindustan Lineup: The Dharavi Dream Project and MC Heam

The Dharavi Dream Project is the epicenter of the neighborhood’s youth cultural scene, offering classes across hip-hop’s elements, with lessons in rap led by MC Heam

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Nov 13, 2019

MC Heam with his crew at The Dharavi Dream Project. (From left to right) MC Siddhu, MC Younglord, MC Josh, Anish, MC Bunny and MC Sky.

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Co-founded by digital media firm Qyuki and Universal Music India, The Dharavi Dream Project is the epicenter of the Mumbai neighborhood of the same name’s youth cultural scene, offering classes across hip-hop’s elements of breakdancing, beatboxing, rapping, emceeing and graffiti art.

Lessons in the rap branch of the school’s hip-hop wing are led by New Delhi freestyle rapper MC Heam aka Hemant Dhyani. There’s a good chance you’ve heard him belting bars in the “Marvel Anthem,” the “Jai Hindi India” 2018  hockey World Cup anthem and “Eyy Chhote Moto Chala” from the Bollywood film Beyond The Clouds. Having worked with the legendary music director and composer A.R. Rahman on all three songs, the rapper knows a thing or two about improvisation and credits the maestro for honing his artistry and discipline.

His crew (as he likes to call his students) started small with only 2 children in 2017, growing to a force of 30 spitfire rappers today, including the likes of Afzal (MC Sky), Franky (MC Younglord), Joshua (MC Josh), Siddhu (MC Siddhu), Kritesh (MC Bunny) and Anish. TDDP’s goal is to find and nurture the next generation of desi hip-hop, giving kids and teenagers a chance to learn from some of the best in the biz.

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MC Heam and The Dharavi Dream Project will be performing live at Haq Se Hindustan, a concert presented by digital media firm Qyuki and Rolling Stone India on November 14th at Famous Studios in Mumbai. Get tickets here.

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