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Harley Rock Riders III Lineup Announcement

With Wolf headlining the event, nine Indian bands including Soulmate, Kryptos and Galeej Gurus will be part of the mega concert

Rolling Stone India Sep 27, 2012
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Swedish metal band, Wolf, who will perform their first-ever show in India as the headlining act at the third edition of Harley Rock Riders are already chuffed about their show in the country. The multi-genre, one-day event to be held on November 24th in Bengaluru will also feature nine Indian bands including one of the country’s best blues bands, Soulmate, as part of its lineup. Says Soulmate founder and lead guitarist Rudy Wallang, “It’s always exciting to play in Bengaluru. The audience is great. Also, the excitement of Harley Davidson and what it stands for ”” freedom, passion etc”” goes really well with the kind of music we play.” Wallang promises that their 45-minute set will feature some new tunes. “We’ll play songs like “Sunshine” and “I’ll Be Around,” which we haven’t played in Bengaluru yet. Tracks like “Lie” and “I’m Women,”  which Tips [vocalist Tipriti Kharbangar] has written, will also be part of the setlist,” he adds.

The best part? If the busy festival season has you cash-strapped, music fans have some respite as the gig is absolutely free.

Here’s the Harley Rock Riders full line-up:


Soulmate, Delhi/ Shillong 

Kryptos, Bengaluru 

Galeej Gurus, Bengaluru

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Boomarang, Aizawl 

Albatross, Mumbai 

The Lightyears Explode, Mumbai  

The News, Bengaluru 

Solder, Bengaluru

Frank’s Got The Funk, Chennai

Harley Rock Riders III will be held on November 24th, 2012 at Clarks Exotica, Bengaluru. Entry free.


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