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Harpist Candice Lee Releases Emotional New Single ‘How We Used To’

The track follows the American artist’s 2020 releases; ‘The Charm’ and ‘Feel the Same’

David Britto Mar 02, 2021

American harpist/singer-songwriter Candice Lee. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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New Jersey-based harpist/singer-songwriter Candice Lee has had music flowing in her veins ever since she was a kid. In between her parents taking her to concerts, Lee picked up the harp and began using it to write her own material while also covering pop songs. While in the eighth grade, Lee released an EP titled Believe in Yourself and since then she also developed skills to play bass, double bass, piano, and ukulele.

Now, the musician is out with her latest enchanting single “How We Used To.” In this interview, the artist talks about the new track, what she has planned next and more. Read excerpts below:

You’ve put a number of singles since 2018. What can you tell me about your previous material?

I currently have five singles out on all platforms, including one collaboration track called ‘Feel the Same’ with producer KXA. My debut single ‘Magnet’ (2018) was written about feeling so attracted to someone and not being able to detach yourself, even if you know it’s bad for you. ‘Invisible’ (2019) is self-explanatory based on the title but was written about feeling ignored and unnoticed. ‘The Charm’ (2019) is inspired by an actual experience. I was sitting in a restaurant with my friend when a guy sitting at another table, confidently walked over to me and handed me his phone number written on his receipt. I took that idea and made it the cover art. As I was writing this song, it gradually morphed into me expressing my foolish ways regarding multiple past relationships. It became the story of how I tend to fall in love with the idea of a perfect partner only to realize that I’ve made it all up in my head.

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Talk to me about the new song, ‘How We Used To,’ and how it came together.

‘How We Used To’ was inspired by the pandemic, but was intended to endure, as we all long for the stability of what was. The song shifts from anxious feelings to images of hope, as a reminder that although we face common human emotions, struggles, and challenges, we will ultimately transition to a brighter time.

The song features the harp and classical guitar. I love to incorporate the harp in my pop music and I really wanted it to be prominent in this song. The guitar compliments the harp on the track, and I wanted the rest of the production to be powerful, yet stripped-down enough to let the vocals, lyrics, and important message shine through.

Where did you record it and who produced, mixed and mastered it?

Due to the pandemic, I was unable to go into a recording studio, so I actually recorded everything at my house. I recorded my vocals in my parents’ closet and set up a mic/direct input to record both my harp and guitar. It was definitely a new and interesting learning experience!

Spencer Dennis produced the track and Kieran Lantier contributed additional production. Ed Kessel mixed and mastered it. All of this was done remotely, again due to the pandemic.

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 What’s next for you?

Currently, I am focusing on songwriting, recording, and releasing new music. I have been doing lots of virtual sessions via zoom. I’ve also been live streaming on many different platforms, as a way to perform and to stay engaged with followers. I recently did a livestream concert and plan to do another one this month.

Watch the music video for “How We Used To” below and stream the song on other platforms

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