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Harry Styles is Gucci’s Newest Face

The English singer-songwriter and actor gets styled by the Italian luxury brand at a fish and chip shop in London

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Jun 07, 2018

British musician and actor Harry Styles gets trendy in Gucci at a fish and chip shop

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As part of Italian luxury brand Gucci’s newest advertising campaign for men’s tailoring, British musician and actor Harry Styles gets trendy at one of the U.K.’s most famous gastronomic institutions; the fish and chip shop.

The contemporary styling sees the One Direction member wearing a variety of Gucci tailored outfits, including two suits with waistcoats, a splash-dark beige macro gingham sharkskin dressing gown worn as a coat, a decorative dark wool mohair jacket with embroidered collar detail, and a white-oatmeal hued macro bird’s eye wool suit with Major League Baseball team New York Yankees patches. The tailoring is combined with formal shirts and ties, buttoned-up casual shirts as well as moccasins, sandals and sneakers.

The singer-songwriter also gets his pet chicken and dog along with him, which evokes memories straight out of British films of yesteryear.

Watch the campaign video below:

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