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From The Archives: Harry Styles – Boy of the Year of the Girl

Fans analyze his tattoos and worship his puke: why the One Direction heartthrob is more than a pop star

Rob Sheffield Feb 01, 2016
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Harry Styles of One Direction. Photo: lvepictures (flickr)

In 2014, Harry Styles is more than a pop star. He’s the place where pop dreams intersect. The One Direction heartthrob has turned into the beatific embodiment of all that glitters right now. A new paradigm of manhood. A pin-up boy. A feminist icon. A 20-year-old pop prince born the day Green Day released Dookie. A mop-top with George Michael lyrics tattooed on his body ”” “never gonna” on his right foot, “dance again” on the left. A stud with four nipples, perpetually tousled hair and that James Dean daydream look in his eyes. This guy actually wore a Rush T-shirt while on a date with Taylor Swift ”” now that’s some next-level confidence.

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