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Hashback Hashish Announces China Tour

The Delhi-based electronica producer will travel across five cities this June

Rolling Stone India May 28, 2014
Hashback Hashish

Hashback Hashish

Last year, Delhi based electronica artist Ashish Sachan, who performs as Hashback Hashish, packed his bags for Texas, where he played at film and music festival South By Southwest [SXSW] in Austin, where the artist says he was pretty much on his own, on his second international show [Sachan’s first international show was in Australia in 2005]. Says Sachan, “I’d never attended a festival of that scale [like SXSW], it was crazy. There were 50 gigs happening every night for two weeks. I used to sleep till 6 in the evening and then just stay up till 8 or 9 in the morning.” Despite just the one-off festival show, Sachan has now worked his way to performing a five-city tour of China, between May 31st and June 8th, which will include performances at intimate venues, celebrated clubs and even a former civil defense structure.

After a few conversations with Beijing-based artist booking agency Sinotronics, Sachan grew interested in the underground music movement of China, a country that had always been on his checklist. Says Sachan, “Last year, when Teddy Boy Kill went there, they shared my profile with a few places, one thing led to another and we put the tour together.” Although there is a clear distinction between the minimal techno he produces and the upbeat dance that he includes in his DJ sets, the artist is working on a tempered mix that includes music from his most second full-length album Stoned which released in January this year, remixes as well as a single that he’s been working on with UK electronica artist Clatterbox.  Sachan adds, “Over there, electronic music is given as much weight as live [performances], so my focus is on showcasing my own music.”

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Following his China tour, Sachan will release several singles on Irish record label Nice & Nasty.

Hashback Hashish China Tour 2014:

May 31st ”“ The Other Place, Beijing

June 4th ”“ Dada, Beijing

June 5th ”“ Shelter, Shanghai

June 6th ”“ B10, Shenzhen

June 8th ”“ Ping Pong 129, Hong Kong



Listen to Stoned:


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