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Hashback Hashish to Release New Album, Returns to SXSW Festival

The Delhi-based electronic music producer will perform for the second time at South By Southwest festival in Texas

Anurag Tagat Mar 20, 2015
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Hashback Hashish

Hashback Hashish

In 2013, Delhi-based electronic artist Ashish Sachan aka Hashback Hashish first performed at the prestigious American music and film festival South By Southwest [SXSW]. Sachan recalls that he mailed his music to the organizers on a lark and the next thing he knew, he was invited to perform. Sachan approached SXSW again last year and managed to luck out the second time around. Says Sachan, “Ever since I played there the first time, I’ve been wanting to go back.”

Hashback Hashish, who began producing music in 2008 and has had several releases out on international labels such as Berlin-based label Plastik.FM, Ireland’s Nice & Nasty and Robotica Records in Serbia, decided to release his latest EP, Brevity, independently. Slated to release in April, Sachan describes the six-track EP as a departure from his previous ambient/noise-leaning material such as his 2014 album Stoned. Says Sachan, “The focus on Brevity was on creating simple 4/4 techno tunes and I had a lot of fun with modular synths and bass lines.” The result is a mix of industrial techno, influenced by producers such as Maelstrom and Atom as well as his recent China tour last year, where he saw a few local DJs “simple and very minimalistic” techno. Tracks such as “Heritage,” “Impressions” show a darker, aggressive side to Sachan’s techno. It’s no surprise to hear Sachan say he created the tracks for Brevity during the Delhi winters late last year. Adds Sachan, “I used to head back home from work, lock myself in my room and managed to finish this in three to four months.”

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Sachan, who is part of the contingent with artist management agency REProduce at SXSW, will perform at the fest alongside future garage artist Sandunes aka Sanaya Ardeshir, New York rapper Heems aka Himanshu Suri and Danish DJ HVAD aka Hari Kishore on March 20th at The Iron Bear in Austin, Texas as part of SXSW’s India showcase. Sachan adds that unlike his last trip to SXSW, he’s going to be spending more days in the U.S., on the lookout for more gigs and find some time to unwind as well. Says Sachan, “I really want to just get on the road, hire a car and drive.”

Listen to Brevity below

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