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Hear Aarya’s Emotional New Single ‘Beautiful Day’

The track is the Mumbai musician’s most mature piece of songwriting yet

David Britto Aug 05, 2020

Mumbai singer-songwriter Aarya. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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At only 22, Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter Aarya already has two EPs under his belt in 2017’s One Year, One House and the following year’s Roots. The musician has even made the stage his home by performing extensively not only in Mumbai but also across the U.K. over the past two years, where he recently graduated from the University of Warwick. “During the one month that I spent in New York I also played a small acoustic set and a couple of open mics around the city,” he says. Aarya is now back with his latest single, the passionate “Beautiful Day.”

The musician penned the new track in late 2018 and stored a rough draft of it on his phone. Once he knew what he wanted it to be about the singer-songwriter fleshed his ideas out and created “Beautiful Day.” He says, “The song is basically about a time where your life isn’t going exactly the way you imagined it and you’re just feeling like your hard work isn’t paying off.” This was a feeling the artist tells us he had from a personal as well as a professional point of view.

“Beautiful Day” is without a doubt the most mature piece of songwriting to come out from Aarya’s camp. The song opens with delicate acoustic guitar parts, a very clever descending melody as well as his dynamic vocals which emit plenty of heartfelt emotion. The singer-songwriter recorded the track at Mumbai’s 24Fret Productions studio with the help of producer Rahul Popawala while it was mixed and mastered by Aman Vanjani aka Backclash. Although he had the song done and ready last year, Aarya waited for the right moment to release it. He says, “I thought now would be an awesome time taking into account the message it conveys and what people are going through from a mental health point of view as well locked up at home.” Aarya adds, “I hope the track acts as some form of support for people who are going through a hard time.”

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Back in Mumbai now, the musician has spent his time at home writing plenty more music and also experiment with production and arrangements. His next focus is to release a music video for “Beautiful Day” after which he intends to put together a full-length album. Aarya says, “I’ve wanted to take my time with an album release as I want to make sure I’m making the most out of the collection of songs that I have.”

Stream “Beautiful Day” on Spotify below and also hear it on Apple Music and Amazon Music.

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