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Hear Guwahati Alternative Rock Artist Abhilash Choudhury’s Multilingual Debut Album

Assamese, Hindi and English tunes from the singer-songwriter are covered across styles on ‘While She Waits For The Spring’

Anurag Tagat Oct 17, 2021

Guwahati singer-songwriter Abhilash Choudhury. Photo: Abhijit Boruah

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Jangly alt-rock, trip-hop and post-rock showcase the spectrum of Guwahati singer-songwriter Abhilash Choudhury’s debut full-length album While She Waits For The Spring, released earlier this month.

Across 10 tracks, Choudhury unravels “a musical universe” to address his anxieties, mistrusts and struggles, terming the protagonist as “a person belonging to a confused generation.” The album’s release was preceded by five singles, starting with Assamese R&B/soul-informed song “Daoriya” in November last year.

He followed it up with the Hindi blues-leaning song “Ittefaq,” an appropriately psychedelic song “Dream,” the driving alt-rock of “Subah” and as recently as October 6th, the roomy, somber yet hopeful song “Desire.” Choudhury says the plan was to generate as such as awareness about the album as possible while also showcasing the diversity. He adds however, “The experience of listening to the entire album from start to finish will definitely help a listener to uncover the full picture and have a unique experience altogether.”

Watch the video for “Dream”

Poignant rock is driven home on “Adhoora,” while the Eighties-inflected synth sound on the English song “While She Waits” is Choudhury’s go at emotive yet arena-ready songwriting. Another curveball which arrives as the penultimate track is “Waves of Jowai (Nubuji Nejani),” an Assamese electronic-pop song. The shimmering trip-hop track takes its name from a place in Meghalaya that Choudhury visited and found inspiration. He describes the pastoral scene and says, “I was overlooking meadows full of tall grasslands that appeared like waves being blown in tandem by a mild breeze […] The song talks about the struggle of a person dealing with all the hassles of life and running in circles again and again. The being wants to start a new life without recollecting anything from the past.”

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Choudhury’s inner monologue certainly comes through on While She Waits For The Spring, which is aided by producers Romil Sinha and R. James Sunny, plus guitarist Nishant Talukdar, lyricist Swaraj Priyo (on “Daoriya”), drummer Milan Hazarika and several more. He’s ready to take the album out on the road but says it’s been “challenging to put up a gig” in Guwahati or etch out a tour. He adds, “However, I am hopeful that things will get better as I am seeing live music returning to its full potential in the countries in the west. We have been doing rehearsals and I am very excited to play the new songs live to an audience.”

Listen to ‘While She Waits For The Spring’ below and more platforms here.

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